Take a look at Idaho County (8500 square miles), Idaho which is not far from Montana. I will move anywhere in the west without building codes…even Kansas! Trouble is, they take this to absurd levels that prevent millions of people from affording their own homes. But where there’s a will there’s a way! Sort of off-topic, but closely related: Sedgwick, Maine is first town to declare total food sovereignty, opposing state and federal laws http://www.naturalnews.com/039633_Sedgwick_food_freedom_federal_laws.html House plans must be approved. or in Oregon State where forest meets coast. :-). This is America man, no place halfway worth living is going to let people build whatever they want with no codes. Nature tends to like equilibriums. Not sure how long that will last…. Was wondering if there is a good synopsis of the questions one needs to investigate. email: lkelsey@co.clear-creek.co.us etc. http://www.omaha.com/article/20100831/NEWS01/709019995. It’s too early to say what will happen, but getting engineering approval for earthbag building in the near future looks promising. Is it safe for a guy who is not White up there? As an environmental scientist my primary focus over many years has been to help my clients permit their projects. saying your group is a specific religion? Yes, Montana is popular among homesteaders. It is remote, and be prepared for literal mountains of snow! Relocating is a big decision and it takes time to figure things out. We usually recommend running electrical wire in the recesses between bags. I have permits to build a small home on a acre in the eldorado forest area, and the hardest part was getting the two year permit for the rv to live in while building. People need to be more encouraged to take the time to pull together a very large revolt against the tyrannical governments. The Governor has the right to declare an “emergency” and override locally elected government authority. Nuisance Abatement Teams are raiding people’s homes to extract fines and confiscate land for petty offenses. are wide open deserts/prairies with almost nothing around.