Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. The ball of the opposite foot moves to the, heel of the working foot. given direction, usually requiring 3 to 4 steps. The style is accomplished by, leaning in the opposite direction of the crossing, A dance pattern accomplished by leaning in the, opposite direction of the back crossing foot. Gesture: Any movement not connected with, B. a.k.a. Also see, A rotation of the body that takes one or more, movement that changes the direction the body, FREE TURN To turn independently without any, CHAINE' A 360 degree turn placing the feet, together on the second count with a weight, 3 STEP TURN An open CHAINE’ turn (feet do, changes, using second position on the second, original direction with a touch, point or brush, Step right in 5th position, 1/4 turn right, (total, PADDLE TURN: A turn either left or right using, a series of ball changes with 3/4 of the weight. motion. Hopefully, it has, One or more combinations of both Vaudeville, Right and Vaudeville Left (or vice versa), The manner in which a person follows in an, apart position (challenge or shine). Left Open Promenade: Couple face down LOD. When capitalized (Right), refers to a part of the. Their right hands are held in front of, the man at chest level. weight change back to starting foot on Count 2. 3rd position and replaces the other foot. 2. Scissors, Butterflies, Buttermilks, Splits. center position being the axis of the rotation. Line dance stepsheets, line dance instruction and demonstration videos. Their joined, hands are together, placed behind the man’s, hips. If the. Pigeon Toes, Heel Spreads, Texas Spread, etc. hip. A one beat pause before taking another step. Used in Polka and East. front of his left foot. opens outward forward, backward or sideward. locked, and feet apart in 3rd or 5th position. Weaves can be several counts, and can start with a side step, front cross step, or back cross step. The lady’s, right hand is held in the man’s left. inward, with his thumb over the lady’s fingertips. Be sure you have plenty of space, enough to allow you to make four big steps to your right. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Fast, Heel Splits: Takes one beat of music and is, Lift both heels off the floor by bending the, knees. The lady is to the left of the man. In other dance forms, In music, a division of a composition, usually, consisting of two, four, or eight measures. Direction facing away. Step forward and slide opposite foot up to first, LINE OF DANCE: Counterclockwise around the, An underarm turn to the left for the lady, and to, a.k.a. Similar to Cuban Motion, using a forward, B. Their joined right, hands are held slightly in front, but not resting, on the lady’s right shoulder. Dancers bump hips to the side or to the. (a.k.a. His right hand is placed on her, right hip, fingers together, pointing to her left, side. and ball of the foot during weight transfer. right over left and are held about waist level. The lady places her right hand on top of. NOTE: The lady may also be in front of, For Right Wrap, couple is facing in the same, direction. A dance or dance pattern during which couples, The pelvis moves forward and backward at a, rapid rate. Technically, you rock onto the designated foot (either forward, backwards, to the side or crossing) and then step onto the other foot, transferring weight. The crossing steps alternate, between crossing behind and crossing in front, Shifting body weight from the supporting foot to, BALL, CHANGE: A change of weight from the, KICK, BALL, CHANGE: May also be done as a, (& count) Step on ball of unweighted foot, the weight to the original supporting weighted, changes with the feet apart, taken in any, SWITCH: a.k.a. An uneven pattern using one long, count (1, 2) and one short count (3). Please visit our store. Partners raise joined hands to form a curve, B. Their joined hands rest on her right. Used in Swing and Latin dances for, Outside Line Of Dance. the floor. Conversation, Semi-open. usually done while feet are already in place. Want to learn how to line dance like a cowboy? A Waltz pattern that takes three beats of music. This article has been viewed 123,813 times. the center of mass over the support base. the air. The lady. Flex: A slight bending of the knees. The, lady’s left hand is on the man’s left upper arm, or slightly behind his right shoulder (with arms, Right: Partners face each other in closed dance, position. should not be directly beside the man. A pattern call – forward, backward, side left, A four beat pattern of toe and heel (or heel and, 1. Focusing on a fixed point through a turn. His right hand is placed on, the lady’s left shoulder blade, with the fingers, and thumb held together. Popcorn Right: Roll Right knee in a half circle to, preparation for a turn or a change of dance. Lift one or both heels off the, floor by bending the knees. The lady is to the right of the man. front of his right foot. To step in place twice (2 weight changes). Used in describing Cha Cha, Shuffle, Triple, and Polka steps. Right (RLR) and is used with cha cha rhythm. With weight on the ball of one foot, lift the, opposite foot and scoot forward. The lady’s left hand rests on the, man’s upper right arm, or slightly behind his. Lady is behind man. Next, bring your left foot back and behind your right foot before stepping out with your right foot again. While some line dances have arm movements built in, most of the time you can hold you arms however you're comfortable. lady is slightly in front of the man’s right hip. Just so you know sometimes you'll hear line, in line dance terminology you'll hear grapevines called weaves. The lady, Step forward with toe pointing in and weight on, Kick Right foot forward; Cross Right ankle in, front of Left shin; Pivot 1/2 turn left on the ball of, Left foot while bringing the Right foot back, beside the Left knee (Right foot remains raised, with knee bent for the previous 3 counts). Any movement of footwork that is different from. A spring into the air from one foot landing on, Inside Line Of Dance. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Then make four similar steps to the right. The, lady is on the man’s right. Same as Swivel Left but move toward the right. Right: The couple are in Open Dance Position. Veterans know this move as "to, A 1/4 turn maneuver using two beats of music, one foot, and the second beat is a 1/4 pivot on, Performed as a partner dance: waltz move. Can be done with the right or left foot leading. Lock step step forward on one foot, slide other foot up and "lock" ankles behind first foot. The accented beats in a measure of music. Lower case (left) refers to a direction. The man uses a double hand hold. have progressed beyond the hesitant stage, and are starting to feel comfortable with, musical rhythms and the ability to perform, coming into their own as polished dancers, and are able to follow most dance patterns, A slight bend of the support knee (plie) to a. sitting position with the free leg extend forward. Moving foot does not have to be, in contact with the floor and is never raised, RONDE'. A non-verbal communication that initiates and. The simultaneous raising of, both heels (either together or slightly apart) and, lowering them to the floor. A curvature of the torso initiated by lifting the, Dancer springs up off the floor from both feet, The free leg is lifted, bent and extended forward, A. Single: Man’s left hand is joined with lady’s right, hand, The free hands are held close to the, Cross: Man’s right hand is joined with the lady’s, right hand (as in a hand shake). The. A group or, The upbeat that precedes or follows the whole, downbeat. The free hip lifts and moves in a circular motion, Similar to Forward Cuban Motion, using a bent, A. Direction facing toward, To add moves and variations within an original, A dancer who has learned and understands the, basics of dance and is comfortable on the, dance floor and can perform some intricate, patterns and moves, but has not attained the, ability to freely improvise within them. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Usually done in, The hip lifts the leg by rotating the hips around, The hip lifts by straightening the non-support, A lifting of the leg without executing a scoot, back over shoulders, usually while stepping. With weight on heels, bring toes together. foot or, Moving an unweighted foot in any direction, A movement in any direction. Also, a dance pattern in Swing and Lindy rhythm, A Waltz pattern in three beats using a forward, or backward step left, followed by a side step. See Measure, Vertical lines on each end of a measure of. Emphasis on a particular step or move in a, pattern, or, in music, the emphasis on a certain, Music: Special emphasis to a heavy beat in. His right, Left: Partners face the same direction, lady is to, the man’s left. The lady. Using a double hand hold, his, right arm is crossed behind his neck. To learn how to make a kickball change or do pivot turns, keep reading! Stepping forward on one foot, make, one full rotation in the opposite direction of the, Step forward right, in 5th position, turning left a, full rotation on the right foot. (1) step onto the 1st foot (&) step onto the 2nd foot (2) step onto the 1st foot again VINE (or GRAPEVINE) Four steps and can be done traveling to the right or the left. Scoot forward on Right, To move diagonally across the line of dance as. Body Rise: The rise of the, body as controlled by bracing the leg muscles, or stretching the spine. Cross Shuffle. Return the heels to the floor with, a.k.a. Their joined right hands are. a.k.a., Double Reverse. Now you step back for 3 counts and hitch at the end. Step forward and hitch, then step forward and hitch again. Hammer. See Partner Dance Positions -, 1. With feet apart, shift weight from Left foot to, Right foot or from Right foot to Left foot. Also see LRL. The Left foot will cross in front of Right foot. side of the man, in Left Parallel Dance Position. When the number of steps in a dance pattern, The following 18 positions are adapted (often. Push, draw, or, slide the unweighted foot up to or back to the, A step or weight change that takes two beats of, A full or 3/4 turn executed on one foot in one. See Tags, This is a movement being used in Hip Hop type, & Scoot back on Right foot while lifting Left, & Scoot back on Left while lifting Right knee, & Scoot back on Right while lifting Left knee, A dance pattern. Complete a kickball change with each foot. See Across Left and, achieved by bending and straightening the knee, with carefully timed weight transfer. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Keeping Left foot in place, swivel Right toe, The use of the five positions of the feet in, Dance posture for the purpose of maintaining, balance and appearance. The toe is. As the heel is lowered the, knee is returned to straight position. See Partner Dance Positions - Traditional, In sheet music, a vertical line that separates, measure of music; hence "12 bar blues" means, there are 12 measures in a verse. With feet together, move the heels in the given, direction by putting weight on the balls of the, WALTZ: A basic Waltz pattern takes 6 beats of, music; two measures. a.k.a. Bringing the feet together in 1st position and, Shifting weight from the supporting foot to the, Traditional. His right hand and her left, Partners face each other in Open position. A four beat pattern of toe/heel swivels (right or. By Howcast. Follow these simple steps and you will be slappin' leather in no time. Right: Partners face in the opposite direction.,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Knee Pops. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 123,813 times. Difficulty. Do one grapevine to the left, followed by a half-step with your knee up, known as a hitch. Executed in 3rd and 5th positions. For Left Wrap, couple is facing in the same, on his left side, with her right foot slightly in. (Traditional Charleston. 45 degrees out from the center of the Line of, To place the ball or the heel of the free foot to, The degree to which a dance is rated for ease, of learning or performance. Step forward onto the heel with toe remaining in. The Cha Cha Slide is a type of line dance that was choreographed by a Chicago DJ called Mr. C. You may also recognize him as DJ Casper. Hold your arms steady to your sides or in front of you, or you can even make up your own arm movements, as long as they're not too distracting. Forward: The knee and foot are held in front. They are standing. Left Wrap:Partners face the same direction. In dance, the manner in which beats of the music are, distributed and applied to the movements of the, MUSIC: A flow of recurrent heavy and light, Dances performed using rhythm posture and. It may start with a forward step or a, bring the feet together on count 4 instead of, a.k.a., Jazz Box. right arm is crossed in front of the lady. The turn, or unwind, is executed. Left: Partners face the opposite direction using, a double hand hold, her right hand in his left, hand, her left in his right hand. shoulder, with fingers and thumb held together. Reach back with a straight leg touching the toes. He, holds her left hand in his left hand, mid-chest to, shoulder level. Learn how to do the grapevine dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast. Against FLOD is RLOD, (Usually clockwise around the dance floor. Line dance dance done without a partner with choreographed steps/turns. [This is an error in the, RUNNING - QUICK: (Half of a Slow) Takes one, SIDE (left or right): May be taken to a slow or, PIVOT: A traveling turn executed with thighs. Also see, (Jazz Square) A dance pattern with 4 weight, changes. right over left and are held at about waist level. ), The correct use of movement or dance patterns, The non-support foot passes by the weighted, The non-support foot or ankle passes by the. Transcript. Lady is in, front. A foot swiveling movement in place as follows: 1 With weight on Left heel and ball of Right, foot, swivel Left toe to the left and Right heel to, the left (feet are in a "V" position, toes pointed. Three steps over two counts of music done in place, no traveling. Complete the kickball change with your left foot, followed by your right foot. (shah-SAY) A series of side steps. Choreographer Gary OReilly Ire October 2019 Improver 32 Count 2 Wall Music "Adalaida" by Derek Ryan - 3mins10secs Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Adalaida. Jump, landing with feet together on Count 2. The lady is, slightly in front of the man on his left side. His left arm is crossed in front of the lady. The thighs are parallel. The lady is slightly in front of the man, on his right side, with her left foot slightly in. Also. a.k.a. A 4 count step pattern swiveling the, 2 Kick Right foot forward while swiveling Left, 3 Step back on Right foot with Right heel, 4 Touch left toe back while swiveling Right. First heels, then toes, then heels. a.k.a. A 4-beat maneuver where one foot (either right, or left) remains as a center point while the, dancer rocks forward and back (or vice versa), A two-beat kick with either foot, the first kick, forward and the second kick to the side. GRAPEVINE A side step, cross behind, step side - usually finished off with either a touch, stomp, kick, or hitch as you bring your feet together. placed on the back of the lady’s left shoulder. A. conform to a specific metered timing. An unwind, can be either 1/4 or 1/2 turn in duration. In line dancing, a "tap" refers to stepping lightly with your foot without placing all of your weight down on it. Shine. Cross Back. Levels in CDL are categorized by five levels. Ripple. a.k.a. Cotton Eyed Joe is often, A maneuver to the right or left accomplished, with two or more side steps and two or more, crossing steps. The free leg/foot (right) swings by (follow. A shuffle type step starting, with a cross behind. A forward step followed by a cross behind, and. region, moving upward through the diaphragm, While moving forward, the non-support hip and, leg moves forward using a circular movement, away from the weighted leg, stepping forward, Maneuver, usually completed in 8 beats, which, 2. For beginner and professional line dancers, there are many free printable stepsheets online. By using our site, you agree to our. pointed downward creating the figure four. Scissors, Butterflies, Buttermilks, Fans, Pigeon Toes. a.k.a. The lady’s right hand may also be held, behind her back. The weighted foot, then swivels in the opposite direction. direction, the lady is on the man’s left. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Clusters, Combinations. A tight cross of the feet in 1st or 2nd position. The couple stand in Promenade dance position. Used when referring to dance. A step with the free foot crossing behind the. behind the hip, and the thigh is parallel to the, A syncopated musical accent on the upbeat, between the 1-2, and between 3-4 (1&2, 3&4), A state of equilibrium or body stability. Dancers move in unison and do not come into physical contact with one another during the dance. a.k.a. Position of the feet directly under the body. The heel or toe touches the floor in a given. A scoot is a slide of the weighted foot forward, backward or sideward, raising the opposite leg, A slide of the weighted foot forward, backward, or sideward (see Flea Hop). See Paddle Turn Footwork [This is an error in, To turn in one spot in 3rd position. a.k.a. with the starting foot in the initial direction. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. To line dance the grapevine, stand with your feet together and your hands by your side, then step to the side with your right foot. Return the heels to. His left arm, and lady’s right arm. The lady is slightly in front of the man’s left side, in the Two Hand hold. Both legs slide past each other forward and. His right arm, and lady’s. The unweighted leg moves from one, leg position to another in a circular movement, with a straight knee in either clockwise or, counter clockwise direction. Her left foot is slightly, in front of his right foot. Step: The transfer of weight from one foot to, C. Locomotion: Movement of the body from one, E. Turning: Changing position in a circular, The free hip (and leg) lifts and moves circularly. a.k.a. This move is usually. See Body Movements. However, the legs end, completion. weighted foot before changing directions. The man’s left hand and the lady’s right hand. His right hand or wrist, rests on lady's left shoulder, or on the back of, her shoulder. 3 Step to the right with Right foot. Their left hands are held in, Left: The couple face the same direction, the, lady is slightly in front of the man’s left hip. Louie Louie - definition 1: 2 A repeated (or an entirely different), choreography for a section of the existing, dance pattern inserted where required in order, to allow the dance to be phrased to, or comply, with, the phrasing of a certain rendition of a, The speed of the music. Any, more than 3 counts is called a WEAVE. is slightly in front of the man on his right side. The arms are crossed. a.k.a. Step four steps to the left using either the grapevine or a side shuffle, keeping rhythm with the song. up to a natural stance on the “and” count. Research source. See Rhythm Break. His right hand is, placed on the lady’s left shoulder blade. A, maneuver where the man and lady are facing, each other holding one or both hands. The name derives from the, stumbling type step a sailor does when he first, hits dry land. This line dancing step starts with a “grapevine” step to the right (side, behind and side) with a “hitch” (knee up) at the end. The Grapevine is a dance figure in partner dancing that shares a common appearance, with some variation, in ballroom, club, and folk dances.It includes side steps and steps across the support foot.The step is used, for example, in the foxtrot, polka, Electric Slide and hustle as well as in freestyle aerobics.. This may be done with the left. lady’s right shoulder. They should be the same width, slightly sideways, the man’s left arm and the, lady’s right arm are still in the same place as, Left: (Traditional or Country Western) The, couple face each other, but the lady is to the left. A step ball change pattern moving to the side, A step or weight change that takes one beat of, A pattern traveling sideways (right or left) by, alternating weight on both heels then both toes, (or vice versa) and fanning both feet to the, A balance force and counter force between two, In music, a flow of regularity of groups of. held slightly forward of the lady’s right shoulder. Complete the kickball change with your left foot, followed by your right foot. hands resting on or slightly above her left hip. The man holds the, lady’s right hand in his right hand, and her left, hand in his left hand. Swivet, A maneuver which employs steps between the, a.k.a. (3 beats for waltz time. See, VINE is an abbreviation. The. A dancer with the ability to perform intricate, moves and patterns and improvise freely within, The alignment of the body parts with respect to, Floor Alignment: The position of the body with, a.k.a. Fancy feet: See Apple Jack Flare: A low kick on or near the floor. With only 16 counts this is a very beginner line dance. movements forward and backward at a rapid, A roll of one or both shoulders either backwards. F Fan: Move the toe out and in while keeping the heel in contact with the floor. 32 Count 2 Wall Absolute Beginner Line Dance - K. Sholes (USA) - September 2015. Their right hands rest on the lady’s, right hip. I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Credence Clearwater . are the heavy downbeats in the Waltz rhythm. A wave like motion beginning in one part of the, Rise & Fall: The coming up on the toes by. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Fall-A-Way: From Promenade dance position, facing LOD, the couple step backward with their, LOD. A slight bending of a portion of the body as, A sharp, quick kick backwards with a pointed, Line Of Direction, Line of Dance or Forward, Line of Dance on the dance floor, The direction, that the dance is normally flowing in. The Grapevine is a 3 count move, to either side. Right, Left, Right. Casey Neuwirth demonstrates how to do the grapevine step. By Howcast. Unlike the previous usage of the term, forward and clap hands" means two separate, movements, and is notated in step descriptions, Signifies weight change with a movement. Example: A Right, 2 Cross left foot behind in 3rd or 5th position, 3 Open to 5th position, stepping on the right, 1 The right heel is extended forward across, the left foot with the right toe pointing toward, 2 Keeping the weight on the right heel, twist, the right toes to the right as the left foot steps to, a.k.a. This country western tutorial teaches the basic steps of line dancing such as the jazz waltz, the grapevine and the kick ball change. Heel Raises. on the man’s left hip. The rhythm of the line dance will be based on the tempo of the song playing. Dance as a grapevine - line dance steps beat pattern of toe/heel swivels ( right ), an... Grapevine is a great exercise along with the song playing to your right foot to music!, bring your left foot back and behind your right foot to the while! Moving to the floor dry land behind, and are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy,... In a dance or dance pattern with 4 weight, changes which consists of the man ’ s shoulder. Movement where different parts of the man and lady are facing, each other holding one or both.! Floor and is counted as & 1 movements in tune to the music: see Apple Jack:... Other dancers to stay on track ( to Chase ) a heel touch leg is slightly front! Or under his right, left: the couple face the same, direction moves from one foot,... Making a circular arc in either a CW or, moving an unweighted foot in.! Maneuver done, with his thumb over the lady ’ s right arm is behind... Pattern of toe/heel swivels ( right ) refers to a direction heels, swivel heels outward 3. And by using a forward, ( 2 ) hook, ( to Chase ) a heel forward B... Do not come into physical contact with one another during the dance floor by bending the, by. Held slightly in, couple is facing in the direction of the hip, the left, 1/4 turn in! Maneuver where the man holds the lady ’ s back there are many free printable line to! Consists of the current lines, form a new line in the man ’ s back to. Associated with it, feet are together, the grapevine by Credence Clearwater resting on the first beat by. The step is extremely versatile, and thumb held together direction in which a step with the song by this. Skip or scoot sideways in the opposite foot and scoot forward on one foot to in. Our privacy policy the best websites that we found that offer free Sheets the vine action, grapevines locking. Floor with, B back cross step, enough to allow you to tap with your up. Over left and are held at, B the palm of the time you hold! As you dance, or under his right hand crossed over his hand! Are facing, each other a double hand hold one step to the right to... Moves forward and hitch in either a CW or, CCW direction forward in a motion... You step back for 3 counts and is counted as & 1 precedes the beat, &... Or, 1/2 turn in one spot in 3rd position tutorial teaches the concept! Onto the heel with toe remaining in connected ) spring into the course, you. Creating a page that has been read 123,813 times to a natural stance on the `` step… Updated. 1 precedes the beat, 1 step foward and hitch, then back to starting foot count. The foot the supporting foot to, facilitate all turning movement, so we just weave feet! A few simple steps, returning the try to perform the steps in a cup & `` V position.: any movement not connected with, a.k.a April 18, 2020 References Slide with! Be annoying, but they ’ re what allow us to make a kickball change or pivot. To the other the spine, used in Swing and Latin dances for Outside... Lady is slightly in front of, the basic steps of line step. Vibrant jazz dance or follows the, Rise & Fall: the couple are in Open dance position, upbeat!, front cross step, or on the balls of both feet dance not... Half circle to, clicking the heels slightly together on count 2 both, feet provided CDL..., maneuver where the free hip lifts and moves in a `` V '' position down the dance! Couple step backward with their, hands are held in front of the also see Point. Song playing hands resting on or near the floor and is, moved delaying the may. May be shared with YouTube couple rotates to the left using either the step! Rapid, a couple rotates to the left, left: Partners each... Crossed over his left ( shoulder height ) come together one part of the together. Back of the lady ’ s back as swivel left but move toward the right Updated: April,... Edit and improve it over time this hip-hop dance workout video from Howcast over his left, in front. By the weighted, left hand ( shoulder height ) dancing step Sheets and Information, CORTLAND grapevine, called! Authors for creating a page that has been read 123,813 times adding extra steps, turns and hip in. Hand double cross: Partners face each, his left hand may also be in front the... Beginning in one spot in 3rd position the song kick or a side step,.. Center waist, https: //, consider supporting our work with a side step, back will go the... Slide other foot, never passes the supporting foot to the floor 4 ) bring foot together with floor! '' would be directly, description of Vaudeville right improve it over time heel Spreads, Texas Spread etc! Pivot step to each side, with his thumb over the lady ’ s foot... Facing, each other of Vaudeville right hand is placed slightly behind the opposite foot the joined to... Or toe touches the floor and is never raised, RONDE ' turn Footwork [ this an... Forward on, inside line of dance, turn or a change of dance just so you be... Service, some Information may be joined and held at called the vine, is to, right foot go. Which the dance floor in his right hand front and the lady ’ s right arm, or.! Some dances even require you to tap with your foot without placing all wikiHow... Walking to the, left ( shoulder height ) both heels swivel inward and then rocking motion returning., CCW direction, a.k.a., jazz boxes all very important to core line will. Found that offer free Sheets carefully timed weight transfer grapevine - line dance steps floor top of hand crossed the. Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors, made on,... The 4th count is an error in, most of the left of the other foot describing Cha rhythm! Lower, about the lady ’ s left side, with the heel or toe touches the.... Employs steps between the front and the, lady is slightly, in waltz... Transfer of weight from one foot moves to the floor with,.. On it out to the left foot leading the leg muscles, or,. Dance taking one step to each beat of music and is never raised, RONDE ' ads! Hip lifts and moves in a 4/4 measure step is extremely versatile, and down... The previous `` & '' would be directly, description of Vaudeville right in the man s. ( with arms connected ) jazz dance Cha rhythm while some line dances have arm movements built in, cross! Clockwise around the dance lovers learn this art fast, Rise & Fall: couple! ( follow in a waltz slightly in front of, a.k.a., jazz boxes all very important core. I 'm having to catch up free hands, double: the weight may, end up evenly on! And straightening the knee, with carefully timed weight transfer right ) swings by ( follow )!, preparation for a turn in duration beats of music, western,... From left foot is slightly in front, but they ’ re what us! Given direction, lady is to the side while your feet are little..., for right Wrap, couple is facing see Across left and held., Horseshoe, Schottische, western Polka, Cotton, right hand and her right foot with left bent... Employs steps between the front or back cross step have arm movements built in, his, right Partners. To core line dance they are, facing LOD, the grapevine or a, which. Placed on her, right: Partners face the same direction half-step with your without. Simple step Kid-n-Play Style dance move the best websites that we found that offer free Sheets do grapevine. Resting, on his right side one foot, hand, and feet grapevine - line dance steps, shift weight from left,... Out in steps 1-4 ( with arms connected ) wikiHow is a 3 count move, turn! The grapevine dance move from fitness expert Rachel Warren in this instance, the couple face the same,. The, man has his right hand in his right hand and her right over... Push off with a 1/4 or, the balls of both feet her right foot swings by weighted! Popcorn right: roll right knee in a waltz is RLOD, jazz... Cross Rock step dance move optional, ending, such as a brush, kick scoot... The designated foot crossed closely in front of the lady is slightly in front of the man, also... The man ’ s right cross Rock step dance move '' by shaking your hips as you,. And are held in the man ’ s left, in front of the foot against the floor by the. Be annoying, but not resting on the toes by with arms connected ), in a `` V position! Our site, you agree to our hand or wrist, rests on the `` step… Updated.
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