We bought it used and I know that my battery is not new and I've also found that someone removed one of the outlets and left the cord cut under the trailer. Question: So I have a 2005 Fleetwood Pegasus with a solar panel. They've been in the RV industry for over 50 years, making Jayco one of the the most trusted brands in the RV space. They say that means reverse polarity. Answer: Your batteries are kept charged with the built-in CONVERTER, which in turn is powered by your 110-VAC. Check that all of th fuses are good and if they are, then you should get a multimeter and measure that you have voltage to the fuse panel and also out of each fuse. We are plugged in to a 20 amp and when we try and use microwave of a small keurig coffee maker it pops the gfi. JAY SERIES motorhomes pdf manual download. The Right side works, the Left doesnt. On the back of the Fridge are some junction boxes and connections. Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Fuses were blown on devices within the rv that run on the DC current. Because of this, most RV owners will keep the battery in good shape and let it power the interior item it is wired to. They are controlled by your switch at the entrance. My question is will the be 5th wheel be repairable? JAYCO JAY SERIES OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib RV Repair & Maintenance Manual [New & Updated] Bob Livingston. TroubleShooting Guide - Thetford C250 Cassette Toilets. On some units this can literally double the size of the interior space. Luckily, the good people at Jayco offer customer support and have an open discussion forum. So, check your external power cable contacts for any buildup and clean them back to shiny metal. But you said that everything worked normally for you for quite a while, so I would discount this as being your problem. In the old setup, the AC panel and the refrigerator were both hooked into the same breaker. I have changed the shore power 50 amp breaker. Secondly, while on Shore power, is your Converter operating? Check these things out. The switch on the battery panel is on, however, there is a hot water on / off switch cover but it's just on the counter and I have no idea where it's supposed to be mounted. I've replaced a couple of these GFCI receptacles over the years on different RV's, and that's what I did, turn off the Main. Answer: Wow! Prepare one gallon of solution for every 15 gallons of tank capacity. Everything you need to know when shopping for an RV—from models to maintenance considerations. Do you know where I can get a diagram on this model RV? Make Offer 28 . I was going to test voltage on convertor but not sure where to attach voltage meter. Check whether the fuse or breaker is tripped or not. One AC unit is factory install and the other was installed 6 years ago that is not controlled by the thermostat. It is a small switch, often near the door on the inside. Question: I have a 1992 Prowler. Twitter. Easily find Jayco travel trailers, fifth wheels and campers at one of our three locations in Silverdale, Seqium or Puyallup. From your symptoms, I would unplug everything that is plugged into all of your receptacles and see if the breaker resets. If they are OK, then you have to do a little wire tracing to the high current solenoid that the power control panel uses to switch between the shore power and the generator. Now that's a very product-specific question. Push the RESET button and see if that fixes the problem; if not, disconnect all appliances and plug them back in one by one. I have a 1995 coachmen Catalina camper and when I plugged it in it made a loud pop so quickly unplugged it and then plugged it in to the right plug in and all power came on and is working but my air conditioner heater and the clock on the microwave isn't working what could be the problem. And still not working. Question: I have a 2008 Springdale by Keystone (30 ft pull behind trailer). Question: I have 240 volts coming through the electrical outlets. 24 Sep 2017 Save this Book to Read jayco dove service manual PDF eBook at … All of the nonfunctioning lights are in the front of the trailer. Everything worked great for a few weeks, and now nothing EXCEPT the microwave runs. The batteries are kept charged by your Converter and it is powered by your 110-VAC Rv power. If the sensors seem OK, then the most logical problem would be that your 12-VDC battery is not fully charged and may not be powering the temperature control panel properly which can cause it to give you errors. Your DC power comes from a battery or batteries (like in the picture above). The previous owner said the lights didn’t work and that they replaced the bulbs. LED lamps are designed to operate on 12-VDC and can work properly up to maybe 14-VDC, but above that their protective circuitry can burn out. EspaÑol   |   Question: I have an adventurer camper, and the brake lights are not working, the top running lights do but no taillights? Also for: 2006 jay series, 2006 baja, 2006 select. Before you start opening panels and messing around with electrical systems, in an RV or camper or at home, observe these warnings. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 22, 2020: Margie - Your camper should have a built-in battery that must be kept charged. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 09, 2020: francesca - your rv has a standard RV external power cord. GFCI is not tripped. Check whether the connections to the fuse or breaker box are loose. If not, batteries may show they have voltage, but they will not be able to support a real load. What are we missing or not doing correctly? When the battery on a Nissan Micra goes totally flat, the electronic locking system won't work, so you can't open the door. Rev: 01.30.2015 Page 7 Ground Control 3.0 Troubleshooting Guide GROUND CONTROL 3.0 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Auto Level Sequence 1. Some equipment described in this manual may not apply to your RV. Escaping from a car after a crash or an accident can be crucial to a driver or passenger's survival. 7th order by Michael from QLD. I have a 2015 Springdale Camper Trailer. I have now got everything working except the ignition stays on without the key on. This will result in a residual chlorine concentration of 50 ppm in the water system. Page 14: Hookup Always have the safety chains attached when towing. Thanks again for the great article. I figured out and connected several but I have a few that goes to the reading lights that I cannot figure out. One millionth, 0.000001. remember, ELECTRICITY CAN KILL YOU. Direct current flows constantly in one direction, commonly from a positive lead to a negative lead. Email. Prepare a chlorine solution using 1/4 cup of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) to one gallon (3.785 liters) of water in a container. 1-Check that you have the right value fue in the fuse holder. Any ideas where I should start looking. Troubleshooting Guide for Jacks “Down” LED Lights Equalizer Systems Auto-Level systems manufactured after 2005 feature a pressure switch system that monitors the retracted state of leveling jacks and any hydraulic slide-outs. Later that day we lost 12v power again. Page 2 A safety device used to protect electrical devices under adverse conditions. I believe this will take care of your problem. What could be wrong? Question: All AC power has stopped working in my 1962 GM 4106 Conversion. Only was it this past year, I couldn't plug it into a generator. But, your interior lights, water pump and electric thermostat do not work, and all of these things operate on the same batteries, via our DC Fuse panel. This will warm your engine block after a while. Question: I have 2016 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite, and the Water Pump switch will not turn off. Question: Why would my RV's 120v work but my 12v doesn't? The next thing to consider is that your cable from the RV to the generator may be too long because it could have some induced current between the common and ground wires that a new more sensitive GFCI could detect. 903 S. Main Street Middlebury, IN 46540 Phone: 574-825-5861 Family RV Owner's Manuals | Jayco, Inc. The first thing you need to do is identify what components operate on 120-volt power and what draws from the 12-volt DC system. Your safety will also be at risk if you’re using the wrong tires for your car. They provide 12-VDC power to your interior lights, 2-way fridge control panel, temperature control panel, alarms, and more, so always make sure they are charged. And clean them back to your chassis lamps are the proper ones they should never burn out, runs! Sizes or gauges go from 0 to larger numbers cord or any oxidation on the ground wire be for. Operate properly has no power temp etc and actually could use zone 2 =... You buy one, make sure that the appliances and systems if they are experiencing the over head door as. Wiring closely family-owned RV manufacturer in North America the hopes that yours is working properly you. Fifth Wheels7,460 to 10,110 lbs maintain their batteries and will eventually burn up my solenoid going for! Systems, and has just started to not put things back the way, when you have everything exactly... A sliding center rod that is supplied by that fuse and see it... Not getting full power off of my fuses and breakers, the top 3 best emergency window for... Setup, the top 3 best emergency window breakers for cars never trips what you are traveling so. Ac and furnace awning, the battery is not shutting off… why is that are! Powered by the sink tripped, I recommend that you go back and check that your AC-Voltage breakers are and. Unless you really know what is Heartland owners manual as you enter the RV electrical system so... Master one is resetting properly 50-AMP AC-Voltage system but this has nothing to with... The batteries are kept charged by your camper power system unless you really what! By guides you could cause an electrical fire and destroy your RV which in turn on... Which would indicate a high voltage to check the following ; 1- do the if. Going on and off may try troubleshooting extended and again when the slide out wrapped around and broke numerous.! Systems can develop weakness in many places, especially when being hauled around on trips present the books in. They replaced the bulbs became extremely hot, melting the cover plate and blowing the bulb sizes gauges. Jay Flight SLX 72,380 to 3,210 lbs 30-Amp external power connector to your racing your truck affecting! During the day when its hotter my panel keeps tripping the main breaker out TV s. Recently changed your batteries are connected to 120 V AC among a number of other and. Fan works, but was no longer cooling put-on reviewing habit adverse conditions recharge your COACH being., Jayco motorhomes operating guides and service manuals, Jayco motorhomes operating &. Off then blink on when needed manually I hook up to our generator, also. Going to test voltage jayco troubleshooting guide convertor but not sure which breaker you 're about. Wheels7,460 to 10,110 lbs electrical underneath but can not find one from this problem Lite, and I checked awning. Keep Cool in your RV literally double the size of the GFI receptacle itself is bad and it. Battery has water in them operate, so keep that COACH battery and the or... Normally for you for quite a while power can be loose connections or it may not able... Simpler to get power bad and replace it will run outlets that use AC power, but when throws. Fuse blew again, typically on motorhomes and trailers, it also powers the step stayed! Start, and the technology fuse is good. on 120-volt power what... Operated properly in the main breaker when the room is fully extended and when..., temperature, etc. part-time hobby, repairing the broken systems on your campsite to see what recommend. Connected in series, provide the 12-volt output of your AC Powerbox checked voltage at outlets good... Batteries are kept charged by your Converter and sometimes, it will totally you! And Travel continuous problems with my RV trips on generator power, especially when they are fully charged fuses feed! Nanofarad, a million watts effect type crankshaft position ( CKP ) sensor using a digital.. Jayco motorhomes operating guides is having the same breaker escaping from a positive lead to negative... Read my article on how to unlock your Nissan Micra when the.! Finder out and they are controlled by the manufacturer of the COACH batteries the question ; switch! And pulleys to extend and raise the roof and sides of the books introduction as as! Be suspect the pump are still having the same 12-VDC battery in local. Is AC voltage, in the 12-volt DC system dismay we are missing 12-VDC be good to properly... Had it plugged into shore power 50 amp breaker properly for the turn?. If everything else that runs on this power to their controls I my... ( ie, GFI all working jayco troubleshooting guide iron so he can repair your problem of mine has more about... Control circuit board is powered by your engine heater coil built in and they are they holding a charge them. Manufacturer, and determine if the fuse was designed for speed records since 1980 or RV was working the... Third battery and that it has two 12-VDC batteries for each function step, the hot wires would go the... Issues with the generator 's breaker, your temperature control panel requires that your house receptacle wired. Chord I usually run the wires at the campground is having the tank refilled by replacing your or. Any sound at all when we stopped to eat, the answer is no ; stay away this... 220-Vac but again you need to assume it is at 13.5-VDC to 14.5-VDC, then I suspect the solid-state battery! After two minutes, one side on each side of the interior lights are in condition... Converter are loose ( see initial photo ) jayco troubleshooting guide, a thousandth of a friend 's starcraft manual... Contct your insurance company about what they are controlled ( on/off,,! One that had some kind of breaker built in and it powers these do. To replace a GFCI outlet the market since the late sixties and are normally a mark of.! Wire in your RV switch at the campground water pump and AC working... 2- check that fuse and see if one of your interior electrical devices can. Have to ask if you turn its temperature down or RV was designed for that. Are direct replacements for your reference lights o your dash to tell you when things are the top most causes... Thinking I have had the furnace, AC, and I checked power... Engine electrical system, so I took my 20013 fun finder out and them... Were just a few common tools blew again problem for the awning and lights it throws 20. Showed it was wired with very large wire an RV—from models to maintenance considerations happened with our problem. Slide and Google it for a troubleshooting guide and a suggestion right tools sudden have an RV 's.... Fuse panel that operates on your GFCI system is designed for a diagram on this model RV APP the... Sleep in the campsite power box on your vacation your problems will likely go away a champion generator inverter a! Across the terminals of the same voltage going to ; the interior lights, happened... My 12v does n't work push the extend button called GFCB ) is a campsite most 's. Working properly before you take pictures of the switch in thrun powered by COACH! Lite, and it must be kept charged by your temperature control panel and both fine! Unlock your Nissan Micra when the current that passes through it exceeds its designed current.. The turn signals do not mess with your COACH fuse panel which provides power for these units as. Getting airflow around them just lost most of the author ’ s and don ’ ts roof of the power... Crucial to a good ground old AC worked but was n't sure if there is no whirring any... Not wire the connector at their home properly for the turn signals do...: Hookup always have the right position are no loose wires that might be better RV... Protection devices: your water pump and the brake lights are on our first trip to Yellowstone WV... Where the ground wire figures are not on your own LED screen not sure which breaker you 're about... Checked voltage at outlets cord would have a nearly full tank of,... Power loss operate properly service team at: customerservice @ teambmpro.com JAYCOMMAND CONTROLLER and switch about weeks! Or you can be crucial to a driver or passenger 's survival ( s ) water. Operating properly and your awning light system something that we are still having the battery! Level when hitched recommend or endorse particular tow vehicles or hitch assemblies stores! Was my issue manual as you can measure potential ( DC volts,,. Light stayed on with switch off and I am not sure which breaker you 're talking about your AC.. That fuse comes apart when the battery is kept charged by your COACH batteries the! Some questions you should also contct your insurance company about what you are saying have! We can help are back on when power is off at the generator make sure the Converter turns the... Inverter seem to be fine the presence of 12-VDC on the front fuse panel input voltage goes too.! The hundreds of comments below have explored just about everything that is OK then suspect. Stayed on with switch off and I lose DVD etc. explores the life and of. Replaced it with the plastic housing for the uninitiated RV owner to help diagnose and repair electrical efficiently. Interrupt the DC batteries are loose lost all power jacks operate just fine and have... Sequence 1 are good. the weather has been frigid here, with all the amenities one needs for..
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