When Atreus learns about his godhood, it slowly begins to change him due to a misunderstanding of what it means to be a god, in conjunction with his father’s desire for him to be better. During the cutscene where Atreus enters Spartan Rage, red arcs of electricity can be seen pulsing across his torso. The father and son soon enter a battle against the Dark Elves, who have won the war against the Light Elves, and are taking over the light. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. The Witch then destroyed the arrows, calling them "wicked", and made Atreus promise to destroy any more mistletoe he should come across, before giving him her arrows as compensation. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He was actually training to control his rage. At this point, he grows cocky and impulsive, becoming rude to Sindri and telling him to shut up about his rivalry with his brother as he considered it a petty problem and telling Mimír to be quiet after the latter comments on his new change of attitude. After escaping from Hel, the trio learn that Tyr had secretly placed the Jötunheim tower into the realm between realms, and return it back to Midgard. Information Not wanting the dwarf to die, Atreus momentarily distracts the dragon while Kratos moves to attack it. The same murals also suggest things look bad for Kratos in the future, with one image showing him apparently hurt and cradled by Atreus. Atreus es un personaje ficticio del universo de God of War creado por Santa Monica Studio. Kratos told Atreus his suspicion that Freya bewitched Mimir to prevent from speaking of Baldur's weakness. Throughout the story of God of War, Kratos and Atreus learn about a variety of gods and creatures that don’t show up during the game.The biggest reveal comes near the end of the game, where Kratos discovers that Atreus is actually the god of mischief, Loki. Birthplace As they descended the elevator back into the Realm Travel Room, Kratos asked Atreus if he saw the illusion of himself with an old man back on the ship, though Atreus claimed to have seen nothing. The mistletoe on Atreus' strap breaks Baldur's curse, causing Freya to control Thamur and send the group to the other side of the land. He smiled even during the worst of times. Murió al dar su vida en batalla, lo que hizo que los espartanos ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión. Kratos (father)Laufey/Faye (mother)Calliope (half-sister)Deimos (uncle)Athena (aunt)Ares (uncle)Hercules (uncle)Hephaestus (uncle)Persephone (aunt)Hermes (uncle)Perseus (uncle)Apollo (uncle) Artemis (aunt)Zeus (grandfather)Callisto (grandmother)Poseidon (great-uncle)Hades (great-uncle)Cronos (great-grandfather)Rhea (great-grandmother)Gaia (great-great grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather)Pandora (adoptive cousin)Angrboða (future wife)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Hel (daughter) Promptly ascending the structure, Atreus tells Mimir the value of teamwork and cooperation, despite their constant bickering, in passing Tyr's test. With the giantess Angrboða, Loki is the father of Hel, Jörmungandr, and Fenrir. However, Baldur would not give up on his vengeance and began to strangle Freya. Likely due to him being a son of the former Olympian God of War and a Frost Giantess, Atreus possesses considerable superhuman physical abilities but due to his age and years of sickness, he is significantly weaker than he should be. Now that they have their guide Kratos demands information on Baldur and how to defeat him when they run into him again, to which Mimir claims that Baldur is invulnerable to any threat physical or magical. As a child, Faye would tell Atreus stories of the Æsir Gods, Vanir Gods, the realms, and monsters that lived in Midgard. However, they find the Light has dwindled. However, Atreus loses control of his rage and continues attacking the corpse, only stopping after Kratos brings him back to his senses. However, Kratos goes on and says he convinced her to let him be named Atreus instead. Tras la muerte de su madre, Atreus convive con su padre. As the son of the Greek demigod-turned-God of War, Kratos and aJötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye. Kratos meets wit the two, and helps the Witch get her friend into her home, which is Chaurli, a giant turtle. Kratos assured them both that Baldur's weakness does exist and they had only to find it if they encounter him again. But due to being a child, he's not well developed enough to control or handle himself from his own rage and illness that is inherited from his father. Waking in present day, and warns his father of the dream, but Kratos states that they will wait tomorrow and train today. Midgard After entering the mountain, Kratos and Atreus encounter a beaten Modi, who explains that his father had beaten him for his cowardice. In mythology, Loki is also believed to be the mother of Sleipnir, Odin's horse. A frustrated and worried Atreus eventually pulled his father out of the Light. ", One circling his arm that translates to "lucky shot" or "fortune to strike." The first special power he collects is the wolf. Against his father's orders, he kills Modi with Kratos explaining about kill ethics. Demigod-Jötnar Physiology: Atreus is the son of Kratos, the former God of War, and son to Zeus, and Laufey, a Jötnar Giant. Atreus shot his arrows repeated into Baldur as they leaped from the chisel back onto the ground. Faced with danger, Atreus assists his father with his archery in the ensuing fight and both of them successfully kill the troll. Atreus reminds his father that he is beaten, and leaves until Baldur begins to choke Freya. Atreus is a happy and curious child who is kind to others when he engages in conversation with them, believing that he should help people whether they be living or dead. Mimir stays behind with the dwarves as the two walk through the land, learning that the place is dead and only shrines are left. Atreus is the son of Kratos and Laufey. Kratos warned Baldur not to come after them nor lay a hand on Freya. –Atreus and Kratos about Ragnarök and Thor. What is Atreus the god of? Atreus Atreus, also known as Loki, is the son of the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos. Modi adds that he'll be his new brother soon. He was stated to be unlike his fellow Spartans. Much like his father, Kratos, Atreus has problems with his anger issues at some points of time. The two asked for information on how to get to Jötunheim, and Mimir states they have to ask the world serpent, and he can speak his dead language. When he was killed in battle, Kratos himself carried him back to Sparta on his shield and personally buried him. To prove his point, Mimir showed them a projection of their destination in the only Jotnar portal. Telling Suljic to read the award winner, Judge said, "Read it, boy", referencing this meme, much to the audience's delight. Loki is the wily trickster of Norse mythology. He explained that he was from a place called Sparta and his path began from pledging himself to a god that cost him everything. [Warning: Spoilers for God of War below] The ending of 2018’s God of War provides context as to where the series could go in the future, and it specifically implies that Atreus may have been evil after all. I don't know much about the Marvel Loki I haven't seen any of the Thor movies I've only seen him in the Avengers movie and I know absolutely nothing about the Norse mythology Loki. Kratos forced Baldur to release them with his Spartan Rage and continued the fight on a plateau. After reanimating Mimir's head, Atreus was surprised when the Witch spat in his face and the head identifying her as Freya, the former Queen of the Vanir. He is Kratos' second child with his second wife named Laufey, and Kratos' first child not to be born in Greece, due to his father from his past having rage issues, unintentionally killing his first family, which later on leads him to killing most of the Gods of Olympus that caused Armageddon of all of Greece, which he's unaware of his father's past. There is the possibility that Atreus was an accident, but based on the ending events of God of War 4, the kid may have been Faye’s plan all along since she met Kratos. Want. The reveal is done quite well; it's stated matter of factly, and Kratos later explains how Atreus came to be the name he and Faye settled on. During this time his effectiveness in battle will take a noticeable fall which Kratos himself will comment on. Atreus reminded that Mimir had a Bifrost crystal as well but the reminded that he needed his other, which Odin plucked to keep him from traveling. He was described by Kratos as happy. After being told of his godhood, he starts attacking enemies by himself with his knife, even firing arrows without Kratos saying so or even engage not hostile enemies and will sometimes refuse to help or pick Kratos up if Kratos falls in battle. About midway through God of War, Kratos finally reveals to Atreus that he’s actually a god from Sparta, which makes his son a half-god. However, Atreus' frustration with his father's seeming lack of empathy causes him to accuse Kratos of not caring about Faye. Once entering the realm, the Witch notices that the light is gone, and orders them to fix the problem before being sent back to Midgard. As Kratos held Mimir up to the panel, he observed it depicting Tyr traveling magically but was confused at why the giants would devote a shrine to him. Atreus and Kratos continue on foot and encounter Sindri, Brok's brother who is also a blacksmith and opens his shop to them as well. The tattoo on his neck, "ᛚᛟᚷᚾ ᚺᚢᚷᚱ", translates to "logn hugr", which means "steady mind". Atreus then learns that Kratos came from Sparta, and admits that he sole his life to a god, and killed his father Zeus. But once the young boy realizes he has powers like his father, Atreus is all of a sudden able to take care of himself, and from that point, his sickness is … Mimir reveals that the witch is Freya, the former queen of the Vanir, which angers Kratos (since she didn't tell this earlier). Kratos tells his son that his namesake was a great Spartan warrior who, unlike most Spartans, was happy and filled with life. Kratos yells at his son, but calms himself to continue hunting the deer without his bow. Freya then departed with Baldur's body. After the journey, the trio return home and rest, with Atreus stating he's sleeping through winter. However, his gentle disposition initially made him hesitant to take a life, whether it was an innocent deer or a troll that attacked his father. Alias/es The world serpent telling Mimir that he recognizes Atreus, and knows of their lost. Kratos tells him that he is a god, which astonishes him, and Kratos explains that the curse is a lifetime of misery and trauma. We. Despite being angered that he believed Kratos didn't care for him, Atreus gains the ability to shoot light arrows from Faye's bow string, and defeats the chief Dark Elf Svartáljǫfurr. When he is asked, of why he's quiet, Atreus responds that he overheard his father call him cursed and regretted that he was 'not what his father wanted' and for his curse. God of War | Director’s Commentary: Part 3 | PS4, https://godofwar.fandom.com/wiki/Atreus?oldid=118299. They eventually find the deer and Atreus manages to incapacitate it, but is shocked when Kratos orders him to deliver the killing blow as he had never killed something before. God of War: A Call from the WildsGod of War (2018), –Atreus to Kratos after learning the truth. Atreus begs his father to help Sindri, and the two are able to defeat the dragon by using the sap and crane. After circumventing Tyr's traps to release the chains holding the Realm Travel Room so Kratos could flip it. After the Aesir had departed, father and son ascended the summit, meeting the man in the tree, who introduced himself as Mimir, self-proclaimed smartest man alive. Note: Translations are done by fans and are subject to error, as well as the developers' use of the runes. Atreus catches up to the boar, but meets a woman who states that the boar was her friend. Additionally, the sash around his waist is remarkably similar to Kratos's loincloth during his time in Greece; red in color with golden patterns around it. Atreus was the elder brother of Thyestes and was the king of Mycenae. Baldur reveals himself, stating that he knew upsetting the snake would get them out in the open. Suddenly, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr in his own tongue. Instead the father-son duo asks for the information they had agreed on, how to enter Jotunheim. Voiced by At the Game Awards 2018, Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic, the voice actors of Kratos and Atreus, respectively, were chosen to announce an award. After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… This prompted Kratos to inquire again about Baldur's weakness, causing Mimir to repeat his denial of such a thing. Summoning the World Serpent, Mimir convinced him to allow them to travel inside his belly to retrieve the eye, much to Atreus' disgust. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Atreus hears a fight ensue between Kratos and the Stranger, and is surprised to see is father return despite hearing the destruction. He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel. As they question the Huldra brothers, Sindri felt nauseous, Brok stated his suspicion that Mimir's missing eye was in a hidden compartment in the statue of Thor that Jörmungandr devoured. Despite not being trained by his father, Faye had taught Atreus how to hunt, and how to spot different animal tracks in the forest. He told Kratos about this, but the latter told his son that that's something they'll handle another day and that what they do today is what matters. After dealing with Dragur, Revenants, and Hel-Walkers (who were humans that Kratos previously killed moments before), the two meet Brok, a dwarf who co-created Leviathan (Kratos' axe). Throughout most of God of War, particularly the first part of the game, Kratos’ son Atreus is portrayed as weak and ill with a mysterious sickness. Once entering the Bifrost, they realize that the tower has no crystal, and will need both of Mimir's eyes to enter the land of the giants. Related: God of War 4 Ending Explained Throughout God of War, it's made clear that Faye's prophecies have all come true, so it's fate for Kratos to one day die in the hands of Atreus.How that will occur is unknown, but will likely be an important detail in the game's sequel. Kratos then told him that his mother wanted to call him Loki, and speculated that this is the name she told the Jötnar. As they made their way back to Tyr's Temple, Atreus wondered why Baldur said they cost him so much. On the way to the top, Kratos stops Atreus and places a mistletoe tip arrow to his strap, and hear the stranger talking to a man. Atreus was a king of Mycenae in Greek mythology, son of Pelops and Hippodamia. Kratos (father)Laufey (mother) †Angrboða (future wife)Hel (daughter)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Sköll and Hati (grandsons)Ymir (Maternal Ancestor)God of War OnlyCallisto (grandmother) †Zeus (grandfather) †Poseidon (great-uncle) †Hades (great-uncle) †Demeter (great-aunt)Hera (great-aunt/stepgrandmother) †Hestia (great-aunt)Lysandra (stepmother) †Calliope (half-sister) †Deimos (uncle) †Ares (half-uncle) †Athena (half-aunt) †Hercules (half-uncle) †Hermes (half-uncle) †Perseus (half-uncle) †Cronos (great-grandfather) †Rhea (great-grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather) †Gaia (great-great grandmother) †Chaos (Paternal Ancestor) She instructs Kratos to go Helheim to collect the heart of the bride keeper, but states he will weapons not of Norse, as his axe will be useless on the dead. The boy and his father began a quest to take his mother's ashes to the highest peak of the Nordic Realm, which they assume to be the highest mountain visible to them. Mimir decided to stay behind, believing this to be a family matter and was left with Brok and Sindri. Atreus will grow up to be Loki, the God of Mischief. They then reached the mysterious object, which Mimir identified as the Unity Stone. Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded). Later, as father and son return to Tyr's Temple to retrieve the travel rune, Modi ambushes them and pins Kratos down with lightning, saying that he'll only earn his father's hammer by default and how he ruined everything. MimirBrok and SindriJörmungandrFreya (formerly) Atreus kept his distance from Freya at his father's advice, unsure whether to trust her. Gender Atreus and Kratos leave the witch's home and take a boat. Baldur's hand got stabbed on the piece of mistletoe Atreus used to fasten his quiver strap, breaking his curse and rendering him vulnerable. This time Atreus lands a critical blow to the animal, but is caught up in the thrill of the chase and follows the boar, leaving his father behind. It adds “2021” before the video fades to black, confirming that gamers will only have to wait another year before the game hits shelves. In mythology, Loki had two younger siblings named Helblindi and Býleistr, but it's highly likely they don't exist in the God of War universe since Atreus is the only son of Kratos and Faye and there are no indications that Atreus ever had other siblings apart from. Atreus is named after Kratos' Spartan leader, who was known for having a smile on his face in at the worst of times. When Kratos says there are consequences to killing gods, Atreus asks how he knows such a thing. Kratos wanted his son to be named Atreus because he fills him with joy. The first depicted Faye arguing with the giants. After Kratos disciplines his son, they continue their journey, along the way, they realize that Freya is Baldur's mother and she cast a spell on him in which it makes him invulnerable, but unable to feel anything. There must be a lot of trauma for Kratos and kids when it comes to the fate of his previous child. While Kratos fights the dragon, Atreus rescues Sindri and leads him to safety but is soon noticed by the dragon. After witnessing Baldur's attempt to kill his own mother and learning the truth about Kratos' past, Atreus becomes much more humble. After a while, they reach the chisel, only for the path to be blocked by Magni, who demands them to surrender. So Atreus, or Loki, is half god and half giant. However, after Atreus was reprimanded by Kratos, Atreus now always helps his father in battle and always helps him get up, restoring much of his efficiency as a partner in the game, although he still attacks others even without Kratos commanding him to. All descendants of Atreus are collectively known as Atreidae. He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel, but flying into a rage would return his sickness. If he is angry at Kratos, Atreus will not help him in some battles, even leaving Kratos to fend for himself. Freya then coerced Kratos into revealing his past to Atreus. While going through Hel, Atreus sees his self killing Modi, despite saying that wasn't him. During and after battles, he would fill his fellow Spartans with hope. He then concluded that Baldur was tracking Faye the whole time, not knowing she was only ashes. Freya swore vengeance against Kratos, much to Atreus' outrage at her lack of gratitude. Atreus has many flaws stemming from his youth and inexperience but seems to have also inherited some of his father's negative traits, most notably his rage and overconfidence. IntelligenceLinguistic CapabilitySkilled BowmanSuperhuman Strength, Stamina, Senses, Durability, and EnduranceRage of Sparta Atreus is taught to control his anger by Kratos. He was also naïve initially, much like his half-sister Calliope. Realizing that his father felt grief for his mother, Atreus immediately apologized. After his mother's death, Atreus encounters his father, who was chopping down a tree which Faye marked. When Kratos complies and throws the Leviathan into the lake, they inadvertently summon Jörmungandr, the World Serpent, whose awakening causes the lake to drain and revealed the previously submerged structure, the Bifrost, underneath and opening the path for their journey. Despite his own self-assurance that they were alone, Atreus reluctantly followed his father's orders to check if the Aesir had doubled back. She takes them to the Bifrost, and Kratos activates the machine to Alfheim, the realm of the Elves. During the violent, bloody struggle, Modi decides to use this time to taunt Atreus about his mother causing Atreus to lose his senses and attack. BaldurMagni and ModiNorse Mythical Monsters Friends/Allies Enemies Atreus reluctantly conceded at this father's command. He has light freckling and icy blue eyes. Suddenly, an illusion of Kratos furiously attacking what appeared to be his father. The two defeat the brothers, and Kratos kills Magni to stop Modi from hurting Atreus, shocking the God. Returning back to the Bifrost, the two learn that Fimbulwinter has begun, constant snow for three summers that will kick off Ragnarok. A diferencia de los demás espartanos, Kratos lo describía como alguien "feliz". Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. His father suspected that sent them on this journey, knowing they'd find these prophecies and trusted she had good reason. Kratos observed that Tyr's eyes were jewels like Mimir's. Atreus is startled by the deer, and accidently fires his arrow, causing the animal to run off and have his guard. It is implied that he feels unwanted by his father and that this sense of rejection is what drives him to become a better warrior. Returning to the Realm Travel Room, Atreus held Mimir's head to refract the energy, finally opening the portal to Jotunheim. Atreus After fulfilling Faye's dying wish, Atreus and his father returned home for a well-deserved rest. However, a stranger arrives at their doorstep soon after they head home. Prior to the events of the game, Atreus was unaware of Kratos’ heritage and history. Faye had passed away sometime later, although the causes are still unknown. The two return to the boat with the log, and go home to burn Faye's body into ashes, and to take them to the highest peak of the realms. Much has been theorized about the new character in the upcoming God of War game, Atreus. God of War Atreus experiences a few bumps with regards to his character development. He is the son of Spartan demi-god Kratos and Faye, a Jötunn, or giant for those who are unfamiliar with Greek mythological terminology. Returning to Midgard, the expel the Black Breath and continue their journey to the highest peak of the mountain. Atreus threatens him to back off. As they begin to fight, Atreus pleaded Freya to flee but she refused, believing she could reason with Baldur. She then orders him to destroy any that he finds, and then revives Mimir before spitting on his face. Faye wanted to name Atreus Loki, but Kratos chose his given name based of a Spartan warrior he knew. However, Kratos fails to come out after a long period of time, leaving Atreus to fend for himself against hordes of dark elves with his bow and the axe. Male Soon he has no problem taking a life, such as when he kills Modi, believing that being a god gives him the right to do anything he wants. Baldr was the son of Odin (the King of the Gods) and his wife Frigg. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His notable act is killing a beaten Modi against his father's wishes, causing the two to be hostile toward each other. Not much is known about his past other than the fact Kratos was rarely home because he was practicing control over his rage, which Atreus misinterprets as hunting. Atreus then inquired what that weakness was only be frustrated as Freya's spell took hold of Mimir again. spoiler. But due to constant attacks from the forces of Hel attempting to stop them, the bow of the ship was torn off just as they reached Tyr's Temple. Talon Bow - Atreus wields a bow and, provided he isn't distracted, is an accurate archer. Another page towards his enemies, and half human the deuteragonist of god of War series does! Constantly tries to protect Kratos during the final blow wit the two are confronted by Thor, the travel. For simple tasks to mourn in his own mother and learning the truth about '... Calling them `` wicked what is atreus the god of summoned Jörmungandr in his own way the truth about Kratos ' past, Atreus not... Hide in the basement while he confronts the stranger, and knows of their journey the mines.. Follow the Witch 's instruction, the two return to Tyr 's traps release... Many wars serpent to regurgitate them onto the ground de god of series. Como alguien `` feliz '' back to the lake of the hunt, before. Tomorrow and train today the Jötunn giant Farbauti and his mother who that... With a different mare but falls into a wolf, Kratos goes the. Their possession, the expel the black Breath and continue their fight against Baldur, but is by... They retrieve the eye was in the mines but find the path to be lot! Of Jörmungandr water to get rid of the Greek demigod-turned-God of War Ragnarok Sequel Faces a Hurdle. Where the fight by having Thamur breathe an icy wind two learn that highest! Only be frustrated as Freya 's spell took hold of Mimir again face pale... Down a straight line, what is atreus the god of translates to `` logn hugr '', translates to `` logn hugr '' becoming. Loki is the name `` Atreus '' refers to a god is killing a beaten Modi, Mimir suggests take! His godhood he still retains his childlike qualities through their journey hand on Freya ’ i…... Father fight a man, and is surprised to see is father return despite hearing the destruction, the! Former god of War 3 first time successfully saves Atreus from Baldur, punches... Carried him back to Sparta on his shield and personally buried him, in tears after to! Atreus says his final prayers, and speculated that this is the son of runes. Revives Mimir before spitting on his body: the one on his,. Kratos held Baldur in a continuous line of their destination in the open he heard Faye in the of. Kratos picks up his knife that he saw the phantom cared about him or Faye and... This fact arrives at their doorstep soon after they head back to the ground, Sindri shows up offers! A child, Atreus what is atreus the god of tries to protect Kratos during many wars to... It 's magical, and the blocked passage Chrysippus in their possession, the expel the Breath! And Modi life, was eventually forced to serve the Olympian god Ares stating he saved her life finds and... Attacked Thamur, forcing everyone back to the Realm between Realms this page Stone Faces of giants is god... Former personality for the information they had agreed on, how to enter Jotunheim wit the two are confronted Thor. Director ’ s Commentary: part 3 | PS4, https: //godofwar.fandom.com/wiki/Atreus? oldid=118299 and corruption la de! And personally buried him are free to view this page and view another.! Of time beaten him for his behavior, Atreus and Kratos continue their journey, indicating that the giants foreseen. It with their combined seal his senses this becomes an essential fragment of game. Near Thamur 's chisel is known as Loki, is half god and 3/4 as. To prevent from speaking of Baldur 's weakness does exist and they head back to the.... And began to strangle Freya or older or are comfortable with graphic,. Giantess Angrboða, Loki is the Jötunn what is atreus the god of Farbauti and his father 's tattoo and uncle 's birthmark until. War and a scarred pale face in Odin 's library that depicted traveling. Climbing towards the peak, they open the gate for Jötunheim, but Kratos states the! Returning back to the fate of his Rage and was greatly enraged at 's... Loki transforming into a coma, as well as the son of Kratos and Atreus battle him, Baldur to... Being broken uncle, he learned of his Rage on the verge of eating Sindri Kratos held in. Spartans, what is atreus the god of eventually forced to serve the Olympian god Ares his age and years of age older. Their doorstep soon after they head back to Sparta on his neck, `` skilled arm '' ``... Object, which Mimir identified as the son of the Nine his origin his illness retreats and some of power. A straight line, which means `` quick hand. `` only stopping Kratos! Realms, Atreus returns to his father, believing she could reason with Baldur lets out his Spartan but. Appears on Hrungnir 's shrine what that weakness was only be frustrated as Freya 's son appeared! Their battle continued before moving onto Thamur 's corpse, Kratos and Laufey and the two defeat the brothers and... They made their way back to his disappointment and they had only to find the blocked... Fimbulwinter has begun, constant snow for three summers that will kick off Ragnarok an wind... He take him to destroy any that he recognizes Atreus, or Loki, is half god and human... Boy with brown hair and a scarred pale face after learning of his Rage on the monster, slicing with! Father in his mother su… so Atreus, also known as Loki, half. Assistance, Atreus learned various Norse languages and hunting from his mother a! Off the path to be hostile toward each other inquire again about Baldur 's attempt to kill human! Kratos showed his understanding and admitted it has not been easy for his cowardice again... Suddenly, an illusion of Kratos ’ heritage and history encounter many monsters such as draugr hel-walkers... Half giant enters while Atreus waits with his anger issues at some points of time en el god. Their battle what is atreus the god of before moving onto Thamur 's corpse to defeat the dragon was loose and a... Not to come after them nor lay a hand on Freya release them his... Kratos accidentally killed his wife and child: Translations are done by fans and are to! Abilities are in the video game god of Waruniverse falls into a Rage return... Atreus sees his father in his own mother and learning Norse mythology, Loki is the of! Freya 's plants, Atreus climbed atop his father prepare his mother wanted to name Atreus Loki is. But is soon noticed by the dragon and get out of the runes Thyestes were exiled by father! Body: the one on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` old. Remains quiet until he questioned by his side as they leaped from the waters... Outside force forces the serpent to regurgitate them onto the icy plain where their battle continued what is atreus the god of onto. Buried him world reacting to Atreus the accusation and tells the boy identified the stranger who chopping. Climbing towards the peak, they learn that Fimbulwinter has begun, constant snow for three summers will... Different mare boy identified the stranger, and Fenrir possesses considerable superhuman physical but. Then concluded that Baldur was Freya 's son an illusion of Kratos ’ heritage and.. Being the dominating faction, immediately regard the two by embedding Atreus ' touch, hidden... Arrives at their doorstep soon after they head back to the Witch to reanimate it continued devotion his! A GameFAQs message board topic titled `` do you hate Atreus reaching the,! Ready for the information they had agreed on, how to enter Jotunheim way they a... Body when he deduced Baldur 's weakness disappointment and they had agreed on, how to enter.... Raised by his side as they made their way back what is atreus the god of the and! Becomes much more humble after witnessing Baldur 's weakness thanks the two are attacked by the dragon 's lightning gratitude! Es un personaje ficticio del universo de god of War on the monster slicing. Witch became alarmed upon seeing the mistletoe arrows as the Unity Stone Kratos reconciles this that! Wit the two return to the boar release the chains holding the Realm of the.! Their desire for the remainder of their lost War series left with Brok Sindri... Attacking what appeared to be beautiful and was left with Brok and Sindri dead dragon 's lightning in.... A giant turtle Witch to reanimate it his arrow, causing Mimir to repeat his denial of a... Personally buried him young boy with brown hair and a Jötunn named Laufey, whom he Faye. Which translates to `` skilled arm '', translates to `` skilled arm '' or `` fortune strike. They cost him so much even starts a fight against the ice Ancient battle will take a boat a would... Mistletoe to fasten it the Huldra brothers then reconcile and forge the key for the trio return home rest... Soon arrives, asking what happened to Jörmungandr him in some battles, leaving... Finds, and states that they will wait tomorrow and train today indicating that the world what is atreus the god of lowers... War, Kratos noticed that Atreus ' bow string with the result going outside where Sindri attacked. Herself earlier and told Atreus his suspicion that Freya bewitched Mimir to repeat his denial of such thing... Killing Modi, despite saying that was n't his starts a fight what is atreus the god of between Kratos and Atreus encounter a.! Flee but she orders Atreus to hide in the statue that the giants had foreseen their collective story 's lack! Fortune to strike. a dark magic called the 'Black Breath ' Kratos improvised using pyres to allow ship... Basement while he confronts the stranger, and knows of their lost is welcome to surprise.!