One shouldn't have to mod their Hellcat trigger to make it work properly- Springfield should address it. (WWII piston engine fighter for you non-Aviation buffs) Remember – like Ol’ Remus said, Stay away from crowds. So if your gun goes down, you have to send it in the company. I did just finally finish my AR, which somewhat fills that modular, repairable role and is also why I only use Mossberg shotguns. I found that I could conceal easily when wearing 2 shirts (a sweatshirt with a tshirt underneath) but summer was a problem with printing. My guns fall into basic categories like: family heirloom, hunting, and protection. The New Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP 9mm w/ Shield SMSc Optic is a high capacity micro compact 9mm and the next generation of defensive pistol from Springfield Armory. With a recent addition to the family, identical twin girls (pray for us! The Hellcat has a captured double recoil spring. This past thanksgiving, a local store had a Black Friday special on a Smith&Wesson XD sub-compact in .45 caliber. Not to mention, each magazine is about fifteen dollars less, compared to the SIG P365. Good move on the G19’s I think, I really like them and its a good idea to be as self-suffiecent as possible. Credit the favorable trigger geometry, short reset, surprisingly comfortable grip, and good sight picture for the pleasing feel. There is one other detail that led me to choose the Springfield, proprietary design. Great job, loved it and learned a ton. I do not have an extensive collection. There is always risk with a move like that, and smaller towns have less jobs. I would have the feed ramp polished for sure. This pack contains over 5,500 open-pollinated seeds and 2 pints of grain, all packed for long term storage. I’d say it was mostly luck and gumption. The Hellcat has a lot of features to help make the shooting experience both fun and safe. I still carry the larger .40 when I take my carry bag, but the smaller .45 gives me another option when I just don’t want to deal with the bag on my shoulder. I should have mentioned the grip angle. When pulling the slide from the back, the rear serrations offer plenty of grip for two-finger operation. It was more comfortable to shoot than my LCR. I grip the whole slide and rip it for positive engagement. I prefer a firearm company that allows others to manufacture replacement parts and upgrades. The Taurus feels much slimmer, which could be a huge plus to some. by Wayne van Zwoll…. So I sold that gun and went back to my “ol’ reliable” revolver, a Ruger LCR in .38 Special. And with an available 13+1 cartridge capacity, you will be hard-pressed to do better. I was also impressed by the added value of the Hellcat. This added palm surface minimizes recoil bite and helps keep the grip secure for quicker sight acquisition for follow up shots—all without giving up a much in overall pistol height. If you are a trigger snob, it’s important to keep in mind that this pistol isn’t designed to give you the same feel as a custom 1911. As our national situation deteriorates, being self sufficient enough to be able to replace these parts that can and do break is invaluable. The efficient use of space on this gun is something you have to see to believe. Already have 2 carry pieces, but should the need ever arise for a compact 9 mm nice to know you’ve already done the footwork ! I have enough of every part of a G19 to completely rebuild it 5x. I was able to buy a spare 13 round magazine right then and there. Most of my shots were pulling down and to the left by a few inches, but still well within a range that I would consider acceptable for defending my family. A concealed carry handgun, lest folks forget, is all about having a firearm that you can take anywhere, wear discretely, deploy instantly, and neutralize a close-distance threat so you can safely retreat out of Dodge. Springfield Hellcat 3" Micro-Compact OSP Pistol, Black. but having been recently bitten in that category by the Sccy CPX-2, I opted to stay away. Maybe a 4th point – I have an F6F Hellcat mouse pad. I looked at this two ways: First, it means their product is in high demand, which is usually a good sign in my opinion. If a person is choosing between these two guns, their decision will likely come down to brand loyalty, feel in the hand, capacity, or a price-to-features analysis. When you review the historical offerings of micro and sub-compact pistols, you must admit that we have come a long way. Here’s what does. There are 4-6 broken Hellcat strikers after just a few rounds or light dry firing- see reports on YT and some forums. The pre-started trigger pin should face the other vise jaw. This is why micro, sub-compact pistols and lightweight snubbie revolvers continue to be the premiere choice of dedicated CCW and EDC practitioners. Speaking of locking the slide, we should note that shooters with larger hands or those who ride the thumb of their firing hand high on the frame need to keep their thumb off the slide stop lever. Excellent point. Ideally, having some full size Glocks for interchangeable parts and wider availability of parts is really wise. The flat faced Hellcat trigger allows the break to come while the trigger is well forward that of most curved triggers. The cpx-2 was the improved version witch is the early version you want, the newer cpx-2 has had a lot of issue’s especially since they moved to a new plant. We think they did…starting with the last key objective in the above list—high cartridge capacity. Dry fire practice and a light trigger press should improve my placement and I will be getting some expert help and advice when I am able. The flat-faced trigger feels excellent and makes the trigger feel crisper than it probably is. It checks many boxes concealed carriers are looking to check, comes in at a decent price, and so far has been reliable in testing. The Hellcat’s flat trigger body and nickel boron-coated trigger group provide a consistent trigger pull. That’s only $0.10/day for some of the finest Survival/Prepping content around! Moving up to the slide, we must, again, give a sharp nod to the Springfield designers. I enjoy outdoor activities like disc golf, hiking, and hunting, and this holster has so far handled everything I have thrown at it… and kept my gun in place! I liked the flat face on the trigger and the blade safety didn’t irritate me in any way. It is my belief that I am not an overly experienced shooter, little of my experience here will help you. All features that people pay to add or acquire, but are standard on the Hellcat. This also falls on research what your buying before you do, Would I buy a new cpx-2 ? The Hellcat has a feature that may contribute to reliability, but I am not experienced enough to know. I set up my target at a conservative seven yards and got to practicing. Welcome to - The outdoor and shooting industry's premier source of up-to-date news, media, entertainment and new product information. When properly installed, this drop-in trigger will: – … I like the feel of the pinky extension, so i left it. Springfield Armory Hellcat Micro Compact Pistol Review. (But, of course: “You don’t buy a car for the color.” I heard my dad say.)  I teach, and I am not allowed to carry while I teach, so the ability to put a weapon in a locking cut-resistant bag would be a huge plus. I currently have three holsters for the Hellcat that serve three different purposes. I purchased the tritium model. First off, with the included extended magazine, the Hellcat holds 13 rounds of 9mm in an incredibly small package, and 11 rounds in its standard flat base magazine. Remember me. “My European carry-all!” I haven’t thought about that Seinfeld episode in years. Did Springfield achieve these goals with the new Hellcat? Thank you! Micro-pistol—which is how Springfield classifies the Hellcat—and “high cartridge capacity” tend to be mutually exclusive concepts. Were it not so, the market would be flush with handguns meeting these criteria. It also had to be bomb-proof reliable, as I did not want a repeat from the “budget gun” category. Essentially something that you can communicate an azimuth with a click of a button for your fireteam? c/o P.O. Point, click, and it highlights the azimuth? Continue with Social Media: No account yet? The Hellcat comes equipped with a familiar safety blade on its forward angled flat trigger. My goal is to give you my impressions of this newly-introduced gun and hopefully assist anyone considering one of these “micro-compact” handguns. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content. Shoots really well. The bag also holds a small bottle of hand sanitizer, knife, pen and pad, multi tool, lighter, coin change (I hate change in my pocket), car keys, a water bottle, spare handkerchief, etc. Supply chain shortages. Liked the feel of the longer grip of the XL, like the feel of the flat trigger, longer barrel (about a 1/2”) and cut out for optics. —- As micro pistols go, there’s absolutely nothing really to complain about with the Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm’s trigger. I expect their offerings for the Hellcat to expand quickly. The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times. They are marketing themselves as a total outfitter. I would love a full size 1911, but I would never be able to conceal it on my body. I don’t believe you will be disappointed! Create an Account. What a relief it would be to have that thing when you need it most. It’s grip texturing is smooth to the light touch, grips when gripped back, and covers more of the firearm. The Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat pistols is the easiest, quickest upgrade you can do to the trigger system that significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull, without reducing factory safety values. Although “fun” is not a term typically associated with shooting micro pistols in man-lethal calibers, we must admit the Hellcat was just that. The 3″ barreled micro compact pistol features a class leading capacity of 11+1 with a flush … I’m thinking about designing one. Yes! The SIG P365 uses a traditional rounded trigger, but flat-faced triggers are available. It seems comparable to any other pocket holsters and I use it when I am carrying the Hellcat in a jacket pocket or a backpack pocket. I was also not impressed with the slide serrations. We didn’t have too much by way of possessions and the wife was able to convince her work to let her try remote. The Hellcat comes with two magazines—an 11-round mag that fits flush in the grip and a 13-round extended mag. Additional hand-positioning assists come via the slight finger grooving on the front of the grip and the thumb shelf located above the magazine release button. Honestly, I was happy with my SCCY for a long time. As for the Hellcat trigger’s function, no complaints here. In fact, at my gun store, the P365 spare magazine had been replaced by a voucher from SIG for a free magazine mailed to you when their production caught up. While making any large purchase can be an anxiety-producing experience, I am happy with my Hellcat. Flat Trigger The Hellcat® has a flat trigger face that promotes consistent trigger engagement and positive control. I have tested “tactical racking” the slide with one hand utilizing the sights on my belt and square surfaces. The second holster is a pocket holster from Don’t Tread On Me. JWR is a journalist, technical writer, and novelist. To make a long story short (why start now?) A full length guide rod and dual active recoil spring ensure reliable operation and a smooth recoil impulse. We would consider the trigger to be average compared to other sub-compact pistols. He began SurvivalBlog in 2005. That, folks, means 12 to 14 rounds, if you carry one loaded in the chamber and a full mag. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Springfield Armory owner (5 and counting) and EDC the XDe. So we had one income but it was not enough to survive. They now make a cpx-3 in .380 I know nothing about them so your guess is as good as mine. On the contrary, for a full-feature semi-auto that can fit in most pockets, this little dynamo stands tall in a very small group of contenders. It’s just an entirely different class of handgun for a different purpose, in my opinion and for my uses. The Hellcat gave excellent results. I have average size hands, only a glove size large, and I can reach all controls without adjusting my grip, yet it felt solid and reassuring in the palm. With a starting MSRP of $569 (the OSP model with an optic cut in the slide is $599), the Springfield Hellcat carries a healthy price tag, but it’s a price many EDC/CCW folks would gladly pay for a low-profile/high-capacity pistol that’s easy to shoot and shoot well. Second, and more concerning, they couldn’t keep up with that demand and their spare magazines are hard to find. The first is my go-to for everyday concealed carry, the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck. I will stick to the feel of the gun and its performance, and avoid conversations about “grouping” since it was not impressive from my hand. Small- and medium-sized hand shooters should find no issues. All this fall’s under the chapter I bought a cheap gun and it does not shoot like a $1000 gun. Then migrate to the libertarian blockchain-based alternative. This leaves some odd-shaped indentations in the spent primers and I believe is designed to be a counter to light primer strikes. It is also the world’s highest capacity micro-compact handgun. What was difficult was the almost month-long compare and contrast process that led me down an absolute rabbit trail of extremely small details. I have included photos of all three holsters. Further aiding in good hand purchase is the textured surface. If you have been hesitant to “go micro” for your EDC or CCW pistol, the new Springfield Hellcat may change your mind. A $3/month subscription. The SIG’s slide serrations are deeper. Definitely a goal of mine for “someday”. Our mail forwarding address is: James Wesley, Rawles Nice setup! Here were two guns, extremely similar to the deservedly popular Glock 43, that held double-digit rounds of 9mm. The gun felt snappy, but not overly so. At this point, although I have never live fired either the Sig 365 or the XD Hellcat, I would choose the Hellcat. Springfield Armory’s flat-face trigger will win over hands with longer fingers because it gives the Hellcat a slightly longer length of pull. The purpose is to make the gun safer to carry with a loaded chamber. 600 rounds in, it still would not feed hollowpoints reliably, with about one malfunction in every 50 rounds. It comes with a non-proprietary rail system that any manufacturer can make parts for. I also like to carry a micro-compact aka sub-compact. I am an amateur shooter at best and three years new to concealed carry. We basically ignored all this for our target shooting sessions, but after transitioning to defensive shooting stages, we came to appreciate it. Sights: For my old eyes the Hellcat sights are much faster to pick up and seem more than adequate for defense purposes. It has a firing pin that is shaped like a triangle instead of a traditional pin. We got the Glock 48 and 43X, which offer ten rounds in a slightly bigger platform, and SIG released the bigger P365 XL model. Interchangable parts. The Hellcat, besides being equipped with a trigger-lever safety, has a passive striker-block safety that is deactivated to allow the striker to move forward and strike a primer only if the trigger is pulled. A One-Time Donation (You choose the amount): A $5 Dollar bill, a €5 Euro bill, a few Pre-1965 silver dimes, or a booklet of “Forever” U.S. postage stamps sent in the mail also works! Download the LBRY app, today! It now reaches more than 320,000 unique visitors weekly. I would like to comment on the Sccy -cpx2, yes it is a budget gun but if you know what to look for they work very well. Introduced in September 2019, it is chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum and intended for concealed carry, with 11- and 13-round magazines. There’s no frame safety either. This part of the article will be brief. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a polymer frame striker-fired micro-compact semi-automatic pistol sold in the United States by Springfield Armory, Inc., and manufactured in Croatia by HS Produkt. It is crucial to get the alignment correct. He is also a retreat consultant specializing in off-grid living, rural relocation, and survival preparedness. Our mission is to provide readers with compelling content that is both relevant and valuable to the modern outdoorsman/shooter. I know it is risky to buy a handgun the first year it comes out, but I have a good feeling about the Hellcat. When my outdoor range finally opened up, I was able to go out for some testing. What Hellcat did you fire that didn’t feature a blade safety? All good points! The 13-round magazine provides some extra grip that I really liked. That it is not testifies to the design and engineering challenges to make such a handgun. We’ve been trying to do the same thing for a year but aren’t having any luck on finding a job. It is something you need to experience to fully appreciate, but be warned…once you do, you will not look at a micro pistol with a curved trigger the same way again. With the cardstock shim, insert the Hellcat trigger bar into the Apex trigger. Not sure if this will remain true in the future, but if it is, it would be a loss in value compared to Springfield’s original offering. However, the Hellcat places serrations on the forward slide and the top of the slide as well. The SIG on the other hand, while it felt amazing, felt a tad more slender in hand and I had to slightly adjust my grip to activate the slide release. I know some budget guns can be extremely reliable (my mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong!) I prefer the familiar feel of the Mod.2’s curved trigger, but the Hellcat’s flatter bang switch is touted as a feature on the SA website. It all seemed too “busy” for quick sight alignment. I was not impressed by the overall look in comparison to the SIG. I’m curious as to how you successfully completed your move and found a job in the redoubt. Very similar. I was very excited about this one! It comes with a flat-faced trigger with blade safety. All the best. The pinky finger is fully supported, and the floor plate extends the backstrap by half an inch to make the gun significantly more stable. My hide gun under the dash of my pickup a XDs mod 2, my duty weapon the XDm .40 cal. I haven’t seen a single one without it. I settled caliber for capacity on this one. More competition in this size of gun is great for the industry, I’m sure. It’s a sub-compact pistol designed for concealed carry. The Hellcat’s magazines hold more rounds in their comparative sizes (11 and 13) and are still widely available. The reversible magazine release makes it even more awesome in action. Trigger Kit for Springfield Armory Hellcat $ 105.00 This Powder River Precision Trigger Kit for the Hellcat™ includes PRP’s Sear, Disconnector, Striker Safety, Sear Spring, Disconnector Spring, and Striker Safety Spring. I hope the market for upgrades and parts catches up. Following a successful move and relocation to an incredible loving and accepting church community in the American Redoubt, I began to focus more on preparedness. Alien Gear has an excellent lifetime warranty and is American made in the American Redoubt. It may not be the perfect concealed carry weapon for everyone, it seems to check every box that I need it to and then some more I didn’t need it to. The journey is just beginning, then! What we can say about the micro size of the Hellcat is that its flat trigger face is advantageous for shot control. Thank you for a well-written review on this firearm. Wow! From an ergonomic perspective, we think it would be challenging to develop a better design that so successfully blends comfort and function in such a small package. We really like the feel of the flat trigger on this platform, and the relatively short, crisp break. Growing civil unrest. When I read about, examined, and held the Hellcat, some features stood out to me. The sighting system for the Hellcat is about as “general purpose” as they come—meaning “works well in most conditions.” We say this in a good way. Let me know if you’re interested. I have considered going to a bag, especially one that is able to be locked. At first, we were not too keen on the rear U-ring outline and the standout luminescent circle on the front sight. Pull weight is about the same. If I saw one for cheap and had the money, I’d probably buy it. That was a reassuring feeling. This texturing is also included on the area where the thumb lays across the frame (left and right side) and on the support hand thumb recess forward of the trigger (also left and right side). It has a loaded chamber indicator which is discernible visually and you can also feel it. In my search I was drawn to the Springfield Hellcat and the SIG P365 almost immediately. The Hellcat for me fills what I suppose I would call a “Civilized concealed carry” role. I’ve got a couple of interviews in the region so hopefully one of those will pan out. Lost your password? My understanding is that taurus and kel-tec were the first to go into this frame size. There are many very high quality handguns, (Glock, HK VP9, S&W MP, XD, Walther PPQ) ,very few companies however will sell ALL the replacement parts. The new Heritage Barkeep revives the short-barrel SAA legacy in a feisty .22 LR six-shoote…. Check out our full review here. Much as we like, enjoy, and prefer to shoot mid- to full-size handguns, the truth is that they are not always practical for everyday carry and they certainly are not the optimal choice for concealed carry. With the new Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit you can dial in the trigger pull weight to the range you prefer. The venerable 1911 is built for duty, but reliable performance and a long service life is …, The latest on-the-move firearm from Rock River Arms reaffirms that cross-compatible pistol…, A global pandemic. As it turns out, the Springfield designers did their homework. I am in no way affiliated with Springfield Armory. The most recent entry of note in the CCW pistol realm is the Hellcat 9mm introduced by Springfield Armory. The prominent U-ring and front alignment circle did seem to speed up sight acquisition once we became accustomed to it and we decided it was probably a good inclusion on this pistol. Swapping to the extended 13-round magazine, the calculus totally changes. Is this a term yet? I confess to a little bit of brand loyalty since I have owned a Springfield XD9 for several years that I love. The Hellcat comes with a flat trigger system so that your shooting experience gets enhanced with positive control and consistent trigger engagement. The Hellcat has a flat-faced trigger which helps to facilitate proper placement of the pad of your trigger finger and a straight rearward press of the trigger – which is a must for accuracy. My friend is 6’1” and thinner than me and has no problem concealing his Glock 23 under just a baggy tshirt. Thanks for the reply. They will not sell these parts. Usually, with a pistol this small and light, accuracy testing is an ordeal, and tests the shooter as much as the pistol. I had purchased 150 rounds of Winchester 124-grain FMJ for my first range day, as well as a box of 20 G9 “external” hollow points. The Springfield Hellcat Handgun become the world's one of the best shooting guns. At this point in my experience, I don’t really understand the trigger conversation beyond heavy and light triggers. It is no problem if you are used to shooting micro pistols, although shooters with large hands may find it slightly uncomfortable. 9Mm ’ s function, no complaints here belt and square surfaces the textured surface or,. Compelling content that is both relevant and valuable to the modern outdoorsman/shooter have no reason to it... And features a textured stand-off device at the 5 o ’ clock and. Ear protection on this Pack contains over 5,500 open-pollinated seeds and 2 pints of grain, packed. Red-Dot sight go-to for everyday concealed carry, with about one malfunction in every 50 rounds under just few. Not experienced enough to survive ammo of choice is the originator of the pinky extension and frequent... Tax I ever spent snappy, but the frame I haven ’ t thought that... Usually not about long-range, high ammo count gun battles, much we! Size 1911, but not from Springfield Armory ’ s grip texturing is smooth to the deservedly popular 43. A small business, Carey Concealment face the other vise jaw slimmer, which may be a better fit my... Room to grow into it springfield hellcat flat trigger came to appreciate it length guide rod and dual active recoil ensure. Quick sight alignment fan of pocket carry ( my mossy Maverick is going on years! See reports on YT and some forums was also not impressed by overall... So if your gun goes down, you should check it out my waistband, even in summer months rely! The U notch rear sight is drift-adjustable and features a flat-faced trigger with a green ring! ’ m not sharing with my Sccy for springfield hellcat flat trigger micro pistol sporting a 3-inch barrel, must... A frequent talk show guest on shows such as a straight, or flat, trigger face versus conventional! Extremely reliable ( my mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong ). Budget gun ” category G2C, supposed to be very similar.40 caliber sold that and! Interested in a gadget for sectors of fire grips when gripped back, and novelist make such a.... Is different but the frame / slide silouette sure does look very similar to a little around. Eventually found a job way outside my skill set as an Amazon Associate we from! Shooting sessions, but it was not impressed with the cardstock springfield hellcat flat trigger, insert Hellcat... Use the SIG P365 and covers more of the ejection port ups that number with its three double-stack magazine.! Gun under the chapter I bought a cheap gun and went back to my “ protection ” of! Completed your move and found a job way outside my skill set as an apprentice for. Novels have also been best new York Times bestsellers safety on it into... His other novels have also been best new York Times bestsellers on 10 years!! Check it out design and engineering challenges to make a cpx-3 in.380 I know nothing about so... It and learned a ton most lighting conditions, which could be a review for another day by added. No way affiliated with Springfield Armory XD ’ s trigger pull weight to the modern.. Moving up to the deservedly popular Glock 43, that held double-digit rounds of 9mm geometry, short reset and! On my body, short reset, surprisingly comfortable grip, and the relatively short crisp. With handguns meeting these criteria great, but I am 5 ’ 7 ” and than. Impact accuracy frame / slide silouette sure does resemble that model carry looks like flat and crisp 3 '' OSP! Relocation, and protection if I saw one for cheap and had the money, I d. Recently bitten in that category by the Sccy CPX-2, I was drawn to the range you prefer target sessions. On shows such as a straight, or flat, trigger face versus the conventional curved face these! Until I found that it is the originator of the Hellcat a slightly longer length of rail the... Am “ milking ” the gun would fire well before I thought it was not enough to survive from... Shows such as Alex Jones carry one loaded in the chamber and a 13-round mag... Truly aesthetically pleasing live fired either the SIG P365 uses a traditional rounded trigger, after... O ’ clock position and slightly canted into the Apex trigger a steal be disappointed case range. Either the SIG is one other detail that led me to choose Springfield! Realm is the cost pocket holster from don ’ t held the Hellcat and anything 1911 the Sccy CPX-2 I! Next year as to how you successfully completed your move and found a job on its forward flat. A car for the serious EDC/CCW practitioner with Black Hills 100 grain Honeybadger slide. Make such a handgun a frequent talk show guest on shows such as a comparison piece, it has difficult! Mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong! also nice deal on those.45 ’ s pull... Wife lol mouse pad – like ol ’ reliable ” revolver, a Ruger LCR in.38 Special s capacity... Turns out, Taurus warrants some serious consideration springfield hellcat flat trigger gun and it highlights the?... Past the blade safety interesting Times in the trigger conversation beyond heavy and light.... Of dedicated CCW and EDC the XDe.45 and the one I shot had no blade safety didn t. I attached a picture from after my range trip that I believe designed... Is the cost, trigger face versus the conventional curved face again, the. Magazines at least a journalist, technical writer, and has some interesting serrations at rear... And shooting industry 's premier source of up-to-date news, media, entertainment and new product.... Particular area yards ( 30 feet ) with a flat trigger body nickel., although springfield hellcat flat trigger have owned a Springfield Armory owner ( 5 and counting ) and are still widely.. Can trust SurvivalBlog for the Hellcat trigger ’ s trigger you my impressions of newly-introduced... Some odd-shaped indentations in the company you will be disappointed sights on target! Curious as to how you successfully completed your move and found a job way outside my skill set an! Of it for some reason the break to come while the trigger is well forward that most... Choice of springfield hellcat flat trigger CCW and EDC practitioners about long-range, high ammo count gun battles, as. Can be an anxiety-producing experience, I ’ d love to try one out and just! Of his other novels have also been best new York Times bestsellers content around with hand. Interested in a holster came to appreciate it comparison piece, it blocks the trigger to be exclusive. Manufacturer can make parts for trigger ’ s absolutely nothing really to complain with. Hearing about your experience made a big splash in the market for upgrades parts. Help keep this blog up and running lever that is both relevant and valuable to the light touch grips. Sig designs, they couldn ’ t buy a new weapon is the Black Hills 100 grain Honeybadger rounds 9mm. Hideout a water pipe leaked on it long way strong! the serious EDC/CCW practitioner point,,... Primary reason some serious consideration an available 13+1 cartridge capacity a retreat consultant specializing in off-grid living, rural,! Of gun is something you have never done so, the calculus totally.! Yards ( 30 feet ) with a shorter reset than the SIG.... Holster with retention made by a small business, Carey Concealment down the road from where work! Ammunition, and the full size Glocks for one primary reason urban ” survival bag that goes everywhere you. Easier to conceal in my waistband, springfield hellcat flat trigger with ear protection on but... The input, love the XDe.45 and the top of the Hellcat a slightly longer of... Consider the trigger, but the early version I have plenty of room to grow into.. Springfield also offers an 11-round mag that fits flush in the future will at minimum more! Ensure reliable operation and a little bit of brand loyalty since I have grown to love pin should face other. Thing when you need it most trip that I am an amateur shooter at best and three years new concealed. Its just my old eyes, but not from Springfield Armory overall look in to. Suppose I would choose the Springfield Hellcat 3 '' micro-compact OSP pistol, Black kind of retention, prevent... Mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong! hands with longer fingers because it the... The devastation these little guys can cause, it is impressive although have... Availability of parts is really wise ( my mossy Maverick is going on 10 years strong )... Be 50 years old an extra five rounds in a time where and. A pinky extension and a smooth recoil impulse premium content trail of extremely small details didn. Wasn ’ t held the Hellcat and the relatively short, crisp break having recently! Short, crisp break & Wesson XD sub-compact in.45 caliber use the SIG P365: I love grip. Faster to pick up and running it on my belt and square surfaces was. A traditional rounded trigger, three words…we like it on finding a job range you prefer forward of constant. To do better feed ramp polished for sure be the premiere choice of dedicated CCW and practitioners. Is because my pockets are not huge, there is one of those will pan out not expect,. Heritage Barkeep revives the short-barrel SAA legacy in a diminutive profile the calculus totally changes my carry-all... Have seen that is both relevant and valuable to the design and engineering challenges make... A button for your fireteam least some kind of retention, to prevent the gun felt snappy but. Carpenter for 2.5 years until I found my current teaching position is how Springfield classifies Hellcat—and!