If you want a more secure deadbolt the best time to replace it is when you’re installing this smart lock; If the 4 AA batteries are dead you can still use your key; Yale Assure SL YRD256-CBA-619 The instructions in the user guide from the manufacturer are on the page which is called “feature programming“ and it gives you a chart to follow. It weighs five pounds. Related Questions. how close is the lock to the hub? o Upgrade any Yale Assure Lock or Lever to work with the August app so you can control and monitor your lock from anywhere o Lock, unlock, share access and see who comes and goes from anywhere using the August app o Your Assure Lock/Lever will automatically unlock as … Once the Nest x Yale Lock is paired with the Nest app, 20 passcodes will be … 1 Like Nicholas_Kreidberg (Nicholas Kreidberg) August 8, 2015, 9:11pm #6 Sorry I didn’t get back to you last night. I am happy it worked and i love the yale quality. I can ‘‘lock and unlock’’ but I’m unable to rename it from '‘thing’ or able to set a routine to lock it at night automatically. x��\Yo�H~7���Gi0n�O�A��|����26��ȴM�,yI9Y�ߪj6I�i3R�lK������OQ����b㿌�(��N2U��ч�����������b���o��8G�di%J0�F�����L��ƌ��[�|����? endobj is there an Edit button at the bottom of that screen? Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. If your lock icon says Offline on the Nest app home screen, you won’t be able to use the app to lock or unlock it remotely.. What’s the full model number? We’re here to help … The Look Door Viewer has a motion detector and doorbell so you’ll receive an alert on your smartpho… Home automation, Internet of Things, IFTTT, Zigbee, Z-Wave, DVR. The Yale / Assure was my next choice, and it is 100% reliable. New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). That was very helpful. Installation was not bad at all. endobj Also, I may be mistaken, but I believe that the Yale app only works with the Bluetooth version of the lock, which will not work with either Xfinity home or smartthings. *Unlocking feature varies by platform. It is accessible via August, a free app, via Home (Apple), via Bluetooth, via WiFi, via Alexa & via Google!! For family members without a phone, or for those times when you leave yours at home, unlock the door by entering your 4-8 digit pin code. login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com and choose My Devices from the menu. I would not want or need the Yale app anyhow since with HomeSeer controlling the door lock I can do anything I want. ‎Yale Access offers you everyday convenience and trusted security for your entire home through smart security solutions and the Yale Access app. You can connect it to the nest connect and attach that to your Wi-Fi for a direct control. Yale does supply the template for you to use, to make sure you get the right hole for the lock. Yale Assure Lever, Wi-Fi Smart Lever Keyed - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, Oil Rubbed Bronze 4.3 … Yale Assure Lock SL review; Yale and August merger to make smart locks smarter; This is intended to give app developers the chance to update their apps and … Ok. Is that done from the SmartThings app? <> '��1Y�;���|�N�z*'O��DM�h������G�@���oaM*ń�F5�\M�d�{�\���yѭVv1�&�q̤�b��w���Qt��y�T��W���R �:JD´i�bУ,��,�É�|�&�� a�M�����OO���r�����p��Tp4G>�:����_�|��ɧ%q�V�o���bO�?O�'WE��0�.�BI�� �c��{jJ�R�*2؇�Q}�I:;hf�?cZ�$խ�?,s �"��,"p�@*X��gU5��P�����}M��¹�����r����F � It uses a Nest Connector or Nest Guard in your home. For these high-end home automation systems, the Yale Assure lock will work, but the radio must be purchased from a Control 4 dealer. Just follow the instructions. *Unlocking feature varies by platform. However, the Yale Assure Lock right out of the box fits exactly where my existing Kwickset deadbolt was. ��ėƸ6d( 5���X�YL%�o�۹�~'9�Oڋֲ-�k�tY��l`�_ԈH����J��9.�`�3,r7�;X��]�S������. Next, check the measurements of your door. Some of the App functions do not seem to be working I can only view my live footage with my home Wi-Fi and not when I get 3G/4G network I’m getting a blank … If the door is thicker, this lock will not work. thermostat) that only connect MIT - Hermes - Connections - SOM IT to guests, have dog walkers or need to to securely access Yale's Assure Lock SLs with resources on the University to the How To offices have networked ethernet The Wireless Networks at ) Yale Assure SL Log onto a (RDP). SmartThings Hub This does not upgrade or replace your existing deadbolt. ‎**Only works with the Yale Real Living Look Door Viewer with WiFi (YRV740)** Answer Your Door. If the Yale lock had reached an eighth of an inch lower there would have been a problem. Just unboxed and installed my Yale smart lock but it won’t pair with anything. The lock stores up to 25 unique pin codes that can all be created or removed using the Yale Assure app. We had some pretty bad storms come through and I needed to work with ST support on a hub problem I had before calling it a night. The Nest × Yale Lock in your home works a little differently than other Nest products do. Open via keypad or using “Twist and Go” with your smartphoneShare up to 5 digital keys using the Yale AppHolds up to 12 unique PIN codesLocks automatically after a short periodIncludes low battery warning and tamper alarmUses the new Z-Wave … iPhone Yale App %���� stream I’m using the newest app and a V3 hub. It sounds like you probably had an unsuccessful pairing with one of those three coordinators and so, as others have suggested, you will have to first factory reset it, then pick the one coordinator you want to use, and get it paired to that one. The function you are looking for is “exit the network“ which removes the coordinator information from the lock. Thank you. Hardest part of Yale setup is making sure your connect the locks correctly. Plus the app lets you send lock codes to people on your contact list, again if the bridge adapter works. So yes, I managed to get it working and now also showing in Alexa app as well but I’m not sure its full featured. Yale Assure Locks with Wi-Fi work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assisant and Siri (via HomeKit) so you can lock, unlock* and check lock status by just asking. Did you get the DTH changed, and is it working? So it can pair to an echo plus or to the smartthings hub or to the Xfinity home, but not all of those at once. Xfinity Home. %PDF-1.7 Yale only offers a 1 year warranty on this product Yes, I tried it from Mexico. Go back to the ST app, you may need to refresh it and try your lock. There is lots of terminology and acronyms out there to do with home security, and it can be hard to keep up and to know what's what. Note that the Master Passcode may also need to be set within the app. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, YRL_PBINSTL_FUL%20Rev%20E_WEB_zwp_zb_aaqsg.pdf, FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic). Confusing branding between Yale and August (Yale’s parent company purchased August in 2017) in terms of figuring out what apps to use, what will connect with what. Bluetooth does work well if you are close enough to the lock. Also, as a zigbee device it will only be able to pair to one coordinator. I am able to get to the needed pairing mode in the locks interface but nothing will find it. The Yale Assure Lock SL might not work as well on a door that needs an extra push to fully latch. No real dedicated app for the Yale Assure line. �Ձp�bLO� ��LPH����G � z�|$�li���h�p�h1�v���2����,�zAF2}K�zB��#�_r�|�[�4�� ��K��_���o�n�4���쪺A���r��ҙ�n�:~"#�%��Lr�׉�`��Pd(ϭ3ɒ��5|��� �$c|/�!���(;ߖԇ� ��%^[�e���ſɞ����� �&���1�������F<>@eT9������t4� �/R0��OƔRL��-�zƯy����(5�n�Og0[9;Ѱ�՗1�����b�����N��so/���mX1���3���*�I5D%_��i���%L�SJs$��B?y ��Z�F���@����cn,�ܶ�M����]o�Ϗ������2�љq��%�h3S|.�WS\D�>c�N���u�Y��l�F�_�Ќ�tc��L�=�_��.���>^�N>uI O�X����.������o�׃�&ו=r IK ԧ��\� �e/ÌN�/i-�W���ݲ��w��툝V!�X�� 0Y�h�=:h�Ѐ�S��W6P�Z@�&������ ��*�L��~+Z�h93-g����q���J_�[�GQ��6$����wMo5O=yiC�y>�UPw6�ߛ��Г`B7����W=���A�V�� ^GI�����I�>E`��Ժ{]\͸��mEY��������R��d�� �ނ��;� J��Lavؓȸ6�`�P ��+Kߖ�A֘A�Dk����3.�,�,�#/k��'�nL��#�p1�z֠�$3���L�s��jL�PATl�jQ`��N�a�� �d9��e[ȇ�*�jQa�bP,$��G���&K&^^�z&*/��e�Uf��9? With SmartThings, your home becomes a connected space that makes your life simpler, safer, and more entertaining. <>/Metadata 327 0 R/ViewerPreferences 328 0 R>> Maybe it’ll just take some tinkering around in both apps. You would have the easiest set up with echo plus, but the fewest feature controls. }A��;|��z��mx;k(�w% 6��� &)���{\��nط.� Hs����:*�$f�?�q���2M$�^Y~�DJ4�V4��m4�ۇU��m� B6:��p-�!�$�ۯ.�!�! Amazon Alexa The fact that the Yale Assure is the slimmest smart lock available is also a nice bonus for a clean looking installation. Will the keypad on the Yale assure work without any power? Shop YALE Assure Lock - Dick Smith. which hub do you have? See, and speak to, visitors at your door from anywhere using the free Yale Look app. You can select any or all of these protocols to operate the lock. In order to take advantage of the Assure’s Bluetooth feature, you’ll first need to install the Yale app on your phone.