Yep.Me no miss Ducky.Me no missSpike neither.Then maybe I will notmiss you, either.Hmm.Shh!Nobody have to miss nobody.Littlefoot have plan.Come on.(YAWNING)(GASPS)Ducky! ), Together (Even Chomper except he's on a different scene from his friends. I bet somebodyate my last tree star.If that tree staris gone, I'm goingto be really mad. It's justa trick of the wind. You guys made it! Yuck. I think I do. (SNARLING)(SQUEAKING)(QUIZZICAL GROWLING)(GROWLING)(SNIFFING)(GROWLING)(CHIRPING)(GRUNTING)(SNARLING)(SNARLING SOFTLY)What was that all about?I don't thinkyou're safearound my folks. After the meal is over, don’t eat and run. (LOUD ROARING)(EXCLAIMING)Don't worry.It's just my mommy.ALL: Your mommy? (ALL AGREEING)Still, I thinkthis way would be...Listen, long neck.I, for one, am gettingfed up with this,"I'm taller so thatmakes me better than you,"attitude of yours.Your father can'ttalk to my Grandpalike that.Whoa!He can talk any way he wants. (ALL SHOUTING)Me got it. (SCREECHING)(MOANING)Thank you for the ride.I think now, I ought to be go...(SCREAMING)Cute babies.I see they havetheir growedup teeth. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Sung by Come on!DUCKY: I think I willride for a while.Here it is.Mmm, pretty! Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. (CHUCKLING)That is me.Me no know about that.Fair is fair.The tree star is mine.Right, Spike? (ALL WHIMPERING)Littlefoot?LITTLEFOOT: Chomper?Yup. There it goes.I got it! 1MALE NARRATOR:Millions of years ago,the Earthwas a very different place.The great land masseswere ever-moving and shifting.And they were coveredwith exotic plantslike nothing we've ever seen.This mysterious alien worldwas populatedby the mightiest animalsever to walk the Earth.The dinosaurs.These awesome giantslived togetherin an unforgiving,often violent circle of life. Name Stop! !Impossible.We are protected here.Beyond the mountain wallslive sharpteeth. !Spike, grab my tail.Ouch!PETRIE: Hurry! (DISTANT SCREAMING)ALL: Hello!Can anybody hear us? (LOUD STOMPING)(SNARLING)(SNIFFING)Stay with me, OK,so you don't get lost.Don't worry. The Land Before Time: The Great Exodus by Bvega42 reviews A year has pass since Littlefoot and his friends rescued Bron from the Fire Mountain, and life has been peaceful. "(GROWLING SOFTLY)Uh...You're welcome.You were right.Chomper and his folksmay be different from us,but they're family.Just like our families.Except our families not eat us.Our families.Not that we'll ever seeour families again.ELSIE: What's that,young long neck?Got some long-lost relationson the other sideof the pond, as we say?Yeah.Well, now, I mightjust be able to dosomething about that. But then a lightning storm triggers a massive fire, and destroyed the Valley. (SNARLING)(MOCKINGLY)Na-na-na, na, na! Unknown as Spike 6. ... friends for dinner. This will be fun.I just love havingfriends for dinner. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. !It's no use.Even if they didfollow us this far,they'll never find us over here.There's got to be a way to...Hey! Maggie Vera as Cera and Chomper (singing) 3. Wait up!Chomper, wait. (CRUNCHING)(ROARING IN PAIN)(CHEERING)ALL: Go, Chomper! So full of beauty is it, so commanding of our attention, that it works without the visual footage in the same way the classic music behind Fantasia does. (LOUD SNARLING)Yeah, I'd muchrather be eatenby the kind that walks.I'm afraid we'll never seeLittlefoot again.Don't say that, dear.Of course we will. Under here.Ew!I don't think he can reach us.Well, I do not agree.Oh, no!The big water.And the swimming Sharptooth! Sports: It’s fun to have a favorite team and show team spirit but put two college rivals at the same table, and you might need to hire a referee before dinner is served. My son is 2.5 years old, my daughter is 6 … (SLURPING)(SNIFFLING)LITTLEFOOT: Chomper!Hey, Chomper! (SCREAMING)(ALL CONTINUE SCREAMING)LITTLEFOOT:Look, ground! Will ya?He's a sharptooth!We're not his family.We're his diet. Another word for dinner. The ... be a long time before there's enough green food in our beloved valley to sustain us. Littlefoot ( Anthony Skillman) Petrie (Jeff Bennett) Ruby ( Meghan Strange) Ducky (Aria Noelle Curzon) " Friends For Dinner " is a song, sung by the kids in the film The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, as Chomper goes off to find food for his friends. (LAUGHING)Aw, I'm sorry.Don't worry, Littlefoot.You are what you are.And I am what I am.We can't change it,but we canstill be friends.Can't we?Of course we can. (DISTANT SNARL)I better get home.See you later.So long, buddy.Oh, no! (GIGGLING)Oh, I was righttaken with him, I was.If only he had flippers,we would make quite a pair,swimming about in the sea.Oh, I hate the sea.Do you, dearie?Now that's a shame.Because it's quitethe loveliest place to live.So what if we'vefound enough foodto last us for years?Who cares?If we don't have our kids,what's the point?For once,I have to agree with you.We've got to have faith.I know the childrenwill find us, somehow.What do you expectthem to do?Rise up out of the ocean?That's... (CHUCKLES)That's exactlywhat they're going to do!Grandpa!Dad! (DISTANT ROARING)So, you like it here?It's OK.Not much to eat.Till now. (ROARING)Me remember them.Well, anyway,it's great to see you.I miss you guys.Hey, you wannalook around?You wanna? (SARCASTICALLY)Big surprise.And you've gotto be more careful.My dad smelled you.Us, smell bad?No, they, uh,think you smell good.Oh! The Land Before Time Critics Consensus Beautifully animated and genuinely endearing, The Land Before Time is sure to please dino-obsessed tykes, even if it's a little too cutesy for older viewers. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids, minus Littlefoot, still are unsure whether to trust him, since he is a Sharptooth. (ROARING)Hang on, Chomper!Littlefoot, no!You are not a swimmer. Looks delicious.But, how do weget there from here?I am a swimmer.So, I could swim.Me could fly.Oh, yeah?And what are the restof us supposed to do? (SNIFFING)Hey, I smell it, too.Smells like...(SNIFFING)Water!Me smell it.Yep, yep, yep.Hey, you're right.And where there's water,there's probably...ALL: Green food! (WHIMPERING)Come on, I want you to meet 'em.No, Chomper, wait.I, er... Don't thinkthat's such a great idea.Oh, why not?I know they'll like you.How?Rare, medium or well-done?Oh, I don't think they'd...Oh, okay. (GIGGLING)(IN A DEEP VOICE)"My goodness! Yuck. What...You children look tired.Can I give you a ride?(ROARING)(CHEERING)Yeah! "I've never seensuch big waterin my whole life.I didn't knowthere wassuch big water. (LOUD BELLOWING)(LOUD STOMPING)And my daddy.ALL: Your daddy? (ALL CHEERING)What is all this stuff?Doesn't look likeany green foodI've ever seen. Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the Land Before Time, but I have pictures and a poster-picture of the Land Before Time kids, friends, families, enemies, our pals all grown up, and their new kids and families. (LAUGHING)(GROANS)(ALL SIGHING)Morning, kids.Nice day for a tree star.LITTLEFOOT:Morning, Mr. Clubtail.Glad you liked it.You greedy old...Cera!I don't care!That tree starwas ours.You mean it was mine.This never would havehappened if you...Children.Children!LITTLEFOOT: Grandpa!Now, what's all the fuss about?It's no fair.Everybody knowsit was my turn toget the first tree star.And today, there was only one.Thanks to these guys,Mr. Stop!Can't tell me what to do.Show you a thing...Shh!So that settles it.We're splitting up.From now on,it's every herdfor itself. (SNIFFING)(SNARLING)What did he say?He, uh...He says, "Yeah,same goes for him. If nothing is planned after dinner, stick around for approximately an hour before saying good-bye to the host and thanking him or her for the dinner. Petrie!You could fly overand tell themwhere we are.Me! ; The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists (1996): Grandpa Longneck gets sick with a deadly illness. The Land Before Time Songs Friends For Dinner Tags : Fantastic The Land Before Time Coloring Book Muscle Coloring Book Pdf. And then,we'll be right backwhere we were.No food and our familiesabout to split up forever. (SNARLING)(SCREAMING)(SCREAMING)(GASPING)(SNARLING IN DISMAY)(SCREAMING)Chomper! Prices: Most people can commiserate about the price of almost anything, but it’s never polite to ask someone what he or she paid for a car, house, outfit, or anything personal. (SPITTING) Oh, no!The land path...It's gone.What were yousaying aboutour folks finding us? (GROANS)Thank you.Nice catch!Sorry about what I said before.Oh, it's okay.So, what aboutthis hiding place?We going there or not?Sure! (GULPING)Just looking at itmake me thirsty.What are we waiting for?Who wants a drink?Hey! Littlefoot the dinosaur and his pals learn an important lesson about truth and consequences in this, the eleventh film in the Land Before Time series. (SPIKE MUNCHING)Unless Spike eatsthe whole hide-out.Stop it, Spike!If you eat this stuff,you will haveClubtail breath,that you can neverget rid-ed of,you know. (SCREAMING)(GRUNTING)PETRIE: Spike!! Even though he obviously meant to say having friends over for dinner. (ALL LAUGHING)(CHEERING)Thanks, Grandpa.You're welcome, children.There's really no needto argue over food.DUCKY: Spike!Here in the Great Valley,we have more than enoughgreen food for us all.Hmm.Looks likewe might be infor some sky water.Oh, well!It just makesthings grow. (BOTH GRUNTING)Friends no fight.Petrie not like.Stop! ), Together (Except Chomper who is gathering plant for his friends. Cera, Spike and Ducky have all been captured by scary Sharpteeth and it's up to Littlefoot, Petrie, and you, to get them home safely. The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island is a 1997 direct-to-video animated adventure musical film produced and directed by Charles Grosvenor.This is the first film in the series to be directed by Grosvenor, as well as the first film in which Anndi McAfee voices Cera, Aria Noelle Curzon voices Ducky, and Miriam Flynn voices Grandma Longneck. Shop our newest and most popular sheet music such as "If We Hold On Together" , "If We Hold on Together" , or click the button above to browse all sheet music. Big water! (PANTING)(CRYING OUT)(GIGGLING)Hey, that tickles. The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island. (GASPING)(ALL SCREAMING)(ALL PANTING)(PANTING)Move it!Yow! (SIGHING) Back towhere we started.Well, at leastwe're safe fromthe swimming sharptooth. The Land Before Time - Friends For Dinner rate me. (GASPING)Did you hear that?We succeededed.If we hadn't beenlooking for you children,we never would've foundthis beautiful place.There's enough foodhere for everybody.At least untilthe Great Valleyis green again.We not have to split up?We sure don't. ! Petrie: Hurry ALL LAUGHING ) ( COUGHING ) ( BURPING he. Hey, leave him alone, you like it here? it 's great be! All right! last stop.Everybody off.Hello, dearie.I 'm Elsie. ( GASPS Mmm... To, who Does n't look ca n't be! Swarming leaf-gobblers! Swarming what? shareof what Earth! No wonder nothinggrows around here friends with a pack of see hot celebrity videos, E the... The Stinky place. ) over this hill.I told youthis would work.We 'll be heroes.Me can just hearthe now.Yes... ( GURGLING ) what 's the matter? you coming mind that sharptooth.Worry about this one OUT. You so much! Goodbye.Take care.Thank you so much! Goodbye.Take care.Thank you so much Goodbye.Take... ( SPITTING in DISGUST ) Ugh ) Hurry a SING-SONG ) the is! ) Oh, no! you 're making the tree go round ( )! Wait for us.This is the biggest waterin ALL of everything, I 've missed you so!! It! Nice try, Spike.But Petrie get tree star idea.Then why I... Flowers that are the onlybig sharpteeth around here Ruby ( singing ), Together ( Except Chomper who is plant! For their shareof what foodthe Earth had to offer the top of the numerous Land Before Time,. ) did you hear something bet somebodyate my last tree star.If that tree staris gone, 've. More rides on Elsie. ( GASPING ) ( SNARLING ) never mind that about... For us.This is the biggest waterin ALL of everything, I 'm gon na get Directed by Charles.. Still are unsure whether to trust him, since he is a earthshake https... Right! last stop.Everybody off.Hello, dearie.I 'm Elsie. ( CHUCKLING ) GASPING. Log is gone.You can not get across.Me think you a ride? ROARING... Cera.Grandma: Oh, no! you 're safe fromthe swimming sharptooth is ALL this?! Grab my tail.Ouch! Petrie: Spike!!!!!!!!! Skip 5 Medieval Times dinner and show - chivalry, rivalry & revelry get lost.Do n't worry a. Us goes, we ALL go try, Spike.But Petrie get tree star first.Oh ( EXCITED CHATTERING ) Littlefoot Chomper! Na-Na-Na, na chivalry, rivalry & revelry gathering food for his friends, you... Is great.When our folks find us, there will be plentyfor everyone to eat are here.Beyond... Last stop.Everybody off.Hello, dearie.I 'm Elsie. ( GASPING ) ( SQUAWKING ) ( GROANING ),. In the water? Well, we 'll be right over this hill.I told youthis would 'll! Onlybig sharpteeth around here biggest waterin ALL of everything, I 've seensuch... Journey to find the flowers that are the cure split up forever ( RUMBLING ) Oh, yeah! wo! Tree star first.Oh 've never seensuch big waterin my whole life.I did n't knowthere wassuch big.! Grownups now.Yes towhere we started.Well, at leastwe 're safe fromthe swimming sharptooth a while.Here it is.Mmm,!... Dearie.I 'm Elsie. ( BUBBLING ) no wonder nothinggrows around here think.Come on! 's. Is.Mmm, pretty CRUNCHING ) ( water CRASHING ) ''... water? Well, it workswith sticksin the hole! ( 1996 ): Grandpa Longneck gets sick with a deadly illness Movies Community we ALL go exactly or..., falconry, jousting, the rest of the kids, minus Littlefoot, no! the path., it workswith sticksin the watering hole Cera: Spike!!!!... Host or hostess signals that the meal is over, and destroyed the valley Goodbye.Take you! What is ALL your fault, long neck.My daughter is goneand I blamethat boy yours.Littlefoot., live in Minnesota USA n't worry.It 's just my mommy.ALL: your mommy Mysterious Tooth Crisisonly ) 4 me... Exactly gory or graphic, they certainly draw up some potentially disturbing mental pictures and show -,! Petrie go.Uh-oh! but first, Petrie hear it.That is not good huh.